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How To Make Your House Looks Cleaner

Sometimes we don’t realize that the house we’re living in for years is actually not as clean as we thought. Sometimes, you might have to learn it the hard way, which is when a guest calls your house dirty. Everyone deserves to live in a clean house for their own mental health.

Situations like this are just unpleasant for everyone, and that doesn’t mean you like living in a dirty house, you just didn’t realize it before. Now it’s time to change it. No more dirty, dusty, and filthy house. Everything must be clean, but where to start? Keep reading to learn more.

Clean the guest areas first

Not everyone has all the time in the world to clean their house, and I understand that. That’s why you should clean the guest areas first, especially when a guest is coming. You can start with the hall and all the way towards the living room and then the kitchen. Don’t forget the guest bathroom as well.

The living room is probably where a guest stays for the longest time. Make sure they can sit comfortably without too much stuff cluttering the couch. Your kitchen should be odorless, and everything should be where it belongs.

Fix your bedsheets

Loose bedsheets are very unpleasant to look at. Forget guests, I don’t think anyone can look at them comfortably. Sleeping on a messy bed is going to lower your sleep quality, and you won’t wake up full of energy.

Make a habit of fixing your bed every time you get up. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, but it will make you feel good the whole day. Even better when you’re looking at your bed all nice and tucked just before you go to bed.

Cable management

No one likes cables, but you can’t get rid of them either. So the solution is great cable management. If you can tuck the cables all nicely behind tables, wardrobes, TVs, computers, etc. you won’t look at them and will make your house looks much cleaner.

Cable management is more difficult than it sounds. But if you’re creative and handy enough, it shouldn’t be too tough for you. There are plenty of tools such as cable ties, cable rack, cable management tools, etc. that can help you.

Store your items properly

Looking at items where they belong makes your mind at ease and your house looks cleaner. It is very important to come up with storage to store your items. You can get creative with it and use wall storage, dish drying cabinets, pull-up drawers, and many more.

You also recycle old suitcases, Tupperware, and boxes to be used as storage. Don’t forget to add labels if you’re having difficulties remembering where is what.

Clean the bathroom

We need to talk about the bathroom again. Because the bathroom is vital and should be clean at all times. You certainly don’t want to go to a dirty bathroom right? And a dirty bathroom could be a sign of laziness and neglect.

Clean your bathroom thoroughly; throwing bleach in the toilet is a good start should be the bare minimum of what you can do. Rinse the sink and wipe the mirror at least once every two to three days.

Take care of your lawn

Your lawn is the first thing that people see. A messy and unkempt lawn will give the wrong impression of your house to people. Just make sure that the grass isn’t too long, and the plants are looking healthy.

You can apply grass seed to bare spots of your lawn. Use a broadcast seed spread for an even application. Water the seed and watch them grow.

Add a nice scent to your house

Being clean isn’t all about the look, but also the smell. Using a lit fragranced candle could change the vibe of your house entirely. The worst thing about smell is you get used to it, you might not realize how bad the smell inside your house is before someone tells you.

There are so many ways to make your house smells much better, such as using a DIY cleaning spray, essential oils, air freshener, and don’t forget to clean up your garbage.

Cleaner house better life

A clean house is great for your mental and physical health. You must do everything to keep your house as clean as possible. And being clean and tidy doesn’t have to be painful and tedious as the whole family can contribute to make the house cleaner.