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6 Awesome Travel Destinations For Family On A Budget

Everyone loves traveling with their family. Even better when the whole trip is not only fun and memorable but also cheap. Unfortunately, so many people often overspend on their travels. The reason is always that they chose the wrong destinations.

Well, apparently it is difficult to travel on a budget let alone choose the best travel destination. If you’re one of those people who are out of ideas, you’re lucky to be reading this article right now. Because I have gathered a list of great travel destinations where you can get the best values for your money and time.


Nepal is still very underrated to this day. The Himalayas and surrounding areas are like a dream place to be.  If ever looked at pictures of these areas, just know that those pictures are very much real. The green forests, colorful leaves, and blue mountains from far away – you can visit them on a budget.

There are so many trekking trails, scenic landscapes, and adventure sports for you and your family. The local culture there is also fascinating. Everyone would love this place and learn a lot while enjoying the fresh air.


If you want to try many delicious street foods in Vietnam, feel free to visit the country with your family. You can try as many street foods as you want, starting from soup with rice noodles, Pho Bo, Bun Cha, Bahn Mi, roast duck, and many more.

Everything in Vietnam is cheap, and you can explore many amazing places on a budget. Also, it might be a good idea to rent a motorbike if you’re comfortable with it. Otherwise, traveling everywhere with Grab or Bike should be very cheap as well.


Not far from Vietnam, you’ll find Indonesia. Indonesia is a big country with thousands of places you can visit for cheap. You can go to Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Lombok, Borneo, and many more places. The best thing about Indonesia is that you’ll always find new cuisines, cultures, languages, and places everywhere you go. You can visit the country multiple times and still want to visit more.

Accommodation is not a problem at all, especially if you go to famous tourist spots. Think of cottages with a sea view and zero noise pollution.


Mexico is a land where the fun never ends. The festivities, delicious cuisines, amazing architectures, and great music combined to create an amazing experience for all travelers. If you’re traveling with kids, they will think of Mexico as a big amusement park.

The best place to start is probably Puebla, as the city is a UNESCO heritage site and full of pleasant surprises. Everywhere you look and go, you’ll find many new and interesting things everywhere. And despite all that, the city is not crowded with tourists. So you can visit this historic city without problems.


I’ll just say it outright, Russia is a magical place for me. The architecture, history, culture, food, and the people are all so unique and interesting to me. Some parts of Moscow might charge overpriced products, but your trip will still be within your budget.

You can go to the Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, GUM, Red Square, and don’t forget to check out the Moscow Metro as well. Before you visit though, remember that during the winter, the whole country will be very cold. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go there during the winter, since Moscow looks very beautiful covered in snow. But you should definitely prepare accordingly.


Last but not least, is historical Egypt – the land of Pharaohs and pyramids. Visiting Egypt will definitely change your perception of the country and leave a long-lasting impression on everyone. Enjoy the historical construction in one of the most peaceful and serene countries in the world.

Also, the seemingly endless and vast arid desert land can be hypnotizing. But, just know that the country also has beautiful beaches that you can visit. It is recommended to explore Egypt like a local, this way you can be fully immersed in your travel.

Traveling on a budget isn’t just a dream

That’s right traveling on a budget isn’t impossible. The key is to know where to go and what to do once you’re there. Any of these places on this list is a great place to start. You can explore with your family without breaking the bank.