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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist to Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Congrats on this exciting time in your life; your engagement. As the future bride or groom, this will turn out to be among the most exciting seasons in your lifetime. And of course, you deserve to enjoy every second of it, don’t you?

But for a glamorous, elegant, and breathtaking event, an ultimate wedding checklist is invaluable.

Now you’re getting ready to tie the knot and celebrate your love commitment to each other. And you’re envisioning the best wedding to share the joyous moments with your fiancé, family, and even friends. But while the thought of having a wedding is exhilarating and delightful, you might feel overwhelmed.

Furthermore, there’s so much to do from start to end for an enchanting wedding. From organizing for bridal apparel, choosing an event venue, theme, entertainment, and catering, you’ll have so much on your plate. And while it’s easy to overlook or forget some of these details, you don’t want to spoil the party.

For easy and successful wedding planning, you’ll need a simple but comprehensive wedding planning checklist. To help you out, here are key wedding planning tips.

Determine Your Budget

After you’re sure that a wedding will happen, even if it’s twelve months out, do the math. Before starting anything else, you’ll need to determine the bottom line of your wedding. Also, determine who will be paying for what on your budget.

After developing a budget, break it down, taking into account what’s a priority and what’s not. After that, start allocating funds based on the level of priority for each task. In ensure the allocation is realistic and based on current market conditions, thorough market research is handy.

Also, considering you’re almost a year away from your wedding day, have a flexible budget. Alternatively, remember plans will keep on changing as time goes, and you’ll need to have a detailed spreadsheet from the start. This not only helps you track your spending but makes it easy to adjust your budgeting along the way.

Make a Guest List

You can’t invite anyone and everyone to your wedding even if you want. This is why you’ll need to have a capping when issuing out invites. When determining the number of people to invite, consider your budget and venue.

How much you wish to spend and the number of people your venue can host is key. Also, do you have someone else who will shoulder the bill?

For instance, if you and your partner are financing, you may decide to get seventy percent of the invites. Also, both sets of parents slip the remaining portion.

However, if parents will be contributing towards the wedding, each party should get equal invites. This will, however, involve negotiating and cutting until the final number is reached.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Everybody agrees managing a wedding is no child’s play. And without background experience, the whole process might be stressful, time-consuming, and infuriating. But you can always opt to have a professional do the heavy lifting.

By hiring a reputable wedding planner, you’re are relieved of all the stress associated with planning a wedding. You get peace of mind knowing everything is being taken care of with the planner seeking your advice or opinion before any decision. This professional will guide you in all decisions you make, whether it’s selecting a venue, tracking budget, or handling logistics.

While hiring a wedding planner is not a must, working with one can result in a smooth, stress-free, and successful planning process. Also, if you choose to hire one, be spot on to pick the best and avoid wasting your time and money in the process.

Decide Formality and Overall Theme

It’s now time to have a candid conversation with your fiancé about your wedding. You want to make sure your wedding vibe is a mutual decision by the bride and groom. To start the conversation, determine what’s important and why and what each of you values.

These questions will guide your decision about the right theme and formality to pick for your wedding. The final decision should reflect who you’re as a couple and tailor the event to suit your style and preference. Also, remember the theme and formality will affect your venue, bridesmaid dresses, and overall style of your wedding.

Select the Venue

Of course, you know who you’re marrying, but where? And when choosing a venue, remember it’s one of the utmost decisions that will significantly impact your wedding. Your choice of location will affect almost any other aspect of your wedding.

The venue determines the number of guests you’ll invite, entertainment, reception, and much more. Knowing you’ve got no room for error, understand what to look for when making the decision. Evaluate different options and visit the top candidates to pick a venue that suits your style, guest count, and budget.

Select the Caterer

Your wedding is one of the largest and best banquets of your life. And one of the key aspects of any event is meals, and you’ll want to hit the nail on the head. So, how do you ensure all your guests are well catered for in terms of meals?

To be guaranteed that everyone will get their favorite meals, hire a caterer. Today, there’re numerous events catering services, and working with the best can be rewarding. In fact, you can have your wedding planner recommend the finest caterer they have worked with before.

Also, remember your wedding is your big day, and you can get creative with your menu. If you’ll want your favorite cocktail or meal on the menu, inform the caterer.

Here Is an Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Your wedding will go down as one of the most important days in your life. However, it’s paramount to involve detailed planning for a perfect wedding day.

To get you started with planning here’s is the ultimate wedding checklist.

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