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Gucci Net Worth – How Much in 2022?

Let’s dissect the Gucci family net worth and learn about this iconic brand. Guccio Gucci founded Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921. Ever since, it has become one of the most famous global brands and a symbol of Italy’s Dolce Vita, under the leadership of Aldo Gucci (Guccio’s son). The Gucci family was forced to leave the company’s headquarters in 1993 following a family dispute in the 1980s.

Here’s About Gucci Family Net Worth

  • Founder: Guccio Gucci
  • Founded: 2 Juli 1962
  • Industry: Fashion
  • CEO: Marco Bizzari
  • Net Worth: $23 Billion

History of Gucci

Guccio Gucci started his career by opening his store, Azienda Individuale Guccio Gucci, at 7 Via Della Vigna Nuova in Florence in 1921. He was selling imported leather suitcases and created a small workshop for local craftsmen. Then Guccio thought that he needed a bigger workshop to accommodate 60 craftsmen.

Guccio Gucci divided the shares of the company among his three sons after the war (Aldo, Vasco, Rodolfo). In 1947, Gucci released the Gucci Bamboo Bag with its global tagline, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”. Then, Gucci introduced its signature moccasins (loafers) in 1952. Guccio Gucci died in Milan on January 2, 1953. In November 1953, Gucci opened its first store in the US, on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York.

How is Gucci’s Journey?

Gucci opened a new Milan headquarters under the name “Gucci Hub” in the old Caproni aircraft facility. In July 2017, they again announced the launch of the Gucci Décor, marking the brand’s first foray into the home decor market. In April 2018, they opened ArtLab, a 37,000 square meter innovation center outside Florence, Italy.

ArtLab is producing and testing innovative leather products, metal hardware, new materials, footwear, and packaging. It also founded a 2,000-book store in November 2018 in New York curated by David Strettell, owner of Dashwood Books, and named Gucci Wooster Bookstore.

In April 2019, they founded Gucci 9, which has a network of 500 employees from 6 contact centers worldwide for high-end customer support. It also debuted its first luxury jewelry line.

Gucci’s sales in 2019 were recorded at 9.6 billion euros. Until finally, they established two stores again (fashion and beauty) on Tmall in December 2020.

The Gucci Owner

You must have heard the name “Kering SA”. Yes, that’s right, Kering SA is a luxury conglomerate with headquarters in Paris, France. Kering SA is the owner of several well-known fashion houses, including Saint Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Boucheron, Brioni, and Pomellato, Qeelin, Ulysse Nardin, and many more. This worldwide company makes and sells leather goods, accessories, garments, footwear, jewelry, and watches for men, women, and children.

Gucci Net Worth and Revenue In 2022

Gucci has been one of the top brand sellers for a long time. It is no wonder that Gucci sales rose by up to 42% in 2018 compared to 33% in 2017, with the company’s leather goods making up 57% of its total revenue.

Gucci’s net worth is estimated to be over $23 billion by 2022. The company’s revenue continues to grow and steadily increase. Gucci’s revenue in 2018 was more than 267 million euros, compared to 214.28 million euros in 2017.


Kering as the owner of several famous fashion houses, has a market capitalization of $79.841 billion, with Gucci being the second spot in the most valuable brand, with a brand valuation of $23 billion.