Secure and Safe: Finding the Best Storage Units for Valuables

Secure storage is the best option for storing delicate items like furniture, antiques, art, or expensive sports equipment.

Often, these valuables are better off in a facility than in the home, where they’re at risk of damage from fluctuating temperatures and humidity. A good NYC storage company will also offer climate-controlled units.


A storage unit is the best place to keep items you don’t need daily, such as out-of-season clothing or clunky sports equipment. It’s also a popular place to store family heirlooms, furniture, and artwork. The challenge is finding the right one to suit your needs. There are many things to consider when choosing a storage space, including location, security, insurance, and access.

You will want to look for a facility with a secure perimeter. This will prevent thieves and vandals from accessing your belongings. You will also want to look for gated access and digital surveillance facilities. In addition, choosing a company that offers additional protection for your valuable items, such as multi-risk insurance and 24-hour security, is essential.

When choosing the best storage units in NYC, you should sort your belongings before bringing them to storage. Anything you no longer need or use should be sold, donated, or tossed away. You should also pack your items carefully and create an inventory of your storage. This will help you locate items quickly when needed.

New York provides long- and short-term storage units, making it an excellent choice for moving, downsizing, renovating, or needing extra space. They offer specialized storage options like climate-controlled units, which protect items from extreme temperatures and humidity. With added benefits like 24/7 video surveillance and alarm systems, you can feel confident that your belongings are safe with Moishe’s.


Keeping valuable items safe in storage goes far beyond putting a lock on a locker. It requires a fortified facility with stringent security measures to protect your belongings and their financial and sentimental value. These security features are necessary for theft from a storage unit to be disastrous.

Multiple deterrents, such as solid fencing, security cameras, and controlled access, are necessary when selecting a secure storage unit for your valuables. Look for facilities that use security cameras throughout the property and in each storage space. Also, ensure fences surround your team, and an alarm system will alert the staff to any unauthorized activity in the area.

Another important consideration is a well-lit storage facility, especially when storing valuables. Good visibility at all hours of the day is a must, as it will prevent thieves from taking advantage of darkness. In addition, a well-lit storage facility will provide optimal visibility when accessing your items in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

Consider picking a climate-controlled storage unit for valuable items that require consistency in humidity and temperature regulation. These spaces will help to keep your things free from mold and moisture, which can otherwise damage them. Ask the facility if they offer this option and the cost for a unit with this feature.


Insurance is an important consideration when renting a storage unit. It provides financial protection in case of damage or loss, allowing renters to recover from the unexpected without significant financial burden. Most storage facilities require proof of insurance for all tenants, and some offer policies to help with coverage. Before purchasing a policy on your own, carefully evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

For example, consider whether or not the facility’s insurance covers mold and mildew, which can occur in damp environments. Buying an additional policy that specifically addresses those issues may be a good idea if they do not. Also, please read the policy’s coverage limits, exclusions, and deductibles to ensure it is adequate for your needs.

It is also worth evaluating the security of the facility and its location. For example, storage facilities near freeway exits may be more prone to theft due to their proximity to major roadways. If this is a concern, look for residential storage facilities.


Many people need to store valuable items for a variety of reasons. They may be moving, buying a home, selling one, or simply needing more space for their possessions. Whatever the reason, storing valuables requires careful consideration. Whether you’re storing expensive furniture, antiques, jewelry, firearms, or family heirlooms, keeping them safe is a significant concern.

Many storage facilities have gates, cameras, and onsite managers, but not all do. If you’re storing something worth a lot of money, choosing a facility with multiple security features is better. This will deter thieves and keep you feeling safer if you need to access your storage unit in the evening.

Another option for storing small valuables is to use a safe deposit box. These boxes can be purchased or rented from banks relatively cheaply. They are locked with two keys and can only be opened when both the customer key and the bank’s guard key are used.

For a secure, reliable place to store your valuables in New York City, contact Moishe’s. Their storage units feature state-of-the-art security and climate control to protect your items from temperature extremes and humidity. They’re also an excellent choice for those who need to store their belongings while moving or renovating their homes. They have locations throughout the city, including Brooklyn, so you can find a convenient spot to keep your valuables.