Daycare Alternatives to Promote Early Childhood Education

If you’re a working or busy parent, you need someone to watch your child or children during the day.

Most people turn to daycare for this need. But, traditional daycare programs don’t necessarily meet the needs of everyone who needs childcare. 

If you’re a parent that is looking for daycare alternatives that focus more on the education of your child instead of simple care and supervision, you came to the right place. This informative post will introduce you to alternatives to traditional daycare that may be more of what you seek. 

Read on to learn about several alternative options that will help to promote the early childhood education of your son or daughter.

Hire a Teacher

Many former classroom teachers seek, find, and enjoy live-in or live-out nanny positions. You’ll get highly-trained and experienced childcare for your child this way. You can even find a nanny who is willing to homeschool your young son or daughter while he or she is under the nanny’s care. 

Infant Education

You may not think that infants require or desire education, but even at this very young age, they can learn and absorb so much. A school for infants will educate these young minds while providing love and attention and feedings and naps.
Schools for young children at this age, such as this centre for infant care in Sykesville, MD (as well as others elsewhere more relevant) will typically focus on improving developmental skills. This usually includes things like simple communication and making the child comfortable around other infants in a close space. 

Intergenerational Daycare

There are many different daycare alternatives out there, but the concept of intergenerational daycare isn’t as common as it should be. In intergenerational daycare settings, retirement homes and senior center day programs also open their doors to children. Staff is present to meet the needs of both groups, but the children and the elderly interact and learn from one another all day. 

Host an Au Pair 

Have you considered hosting an au pair? Au pairs are young men and women from other countries who wish to spend some time in the United States while living with a family and providing childcare. Hosting an au pair is an affordable way to secure around-the-clock childcare. All the while, your family will enjoy the benefits of cultural exchange between two countries. Your child might even learn a new language! 

Cooperative Working & Childcare Spaces

A cooperative working and childcare space is one of the alternatives to daycare that can work well for anyone who works a remote or independent job. These spaces offer a childcare space for the children and a separate, quiet workspace for the adults. Mom or dad can keep a sleeping infant at their desk while they work, while toddlers play with other children down the hall. In some cases in these spaces, parents will take turns helping in the childcare space on a rotating schedule as well, and they can use that time to teach the children approved lessons of their choosing. 

Try These Daycare Alternatives

Do these daycare alternatives sound interesting to you? Some of the above options offer trial periods so you can have the opportunity to see if this type of educational childcare can work for you. All of these concepts are different than traditional daycare, but you may find one or more may be a perfect fit for your family, while offering your little one educational opportunities too.

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