Why a 916 number is a Must-Have for Your Business: Benefits and Tips

A 916 number instantly connects your business with the Sacramento community. This local presence demonstrates your commitment to the region and fosters customer trust.

A dedicated customer service number ensures that inquiries are addressed promptly. This helps boost customer satisfaction and streamlines internal processes. It also allows you to track sales leads and conversions.

Boost Your Local Presence

A local number establishes your business as a legitimate community member, fostering trust and credibility. Additionally, callers can reach your company without incurring long-distance charges, making it easier to connect with you and resolve any issues they may have.

The 916 area code serves Sacramento and its surrounding communities, including Roseville and Folsom. Known for its suburban comfort and access to the great outdoors, this region is an attractive place to live and work.

Furthermore, it boasts a diverse economy, serving as a finance, education, healthcare, tourism, and retail trade center. Moreover, it is home to companies dealing with energy, clean technologies, advanced manufacturing, and agribusiness.

If you want to expand your business into Northern California, planning to buy a 916 number is an excellent investment. Aside from establishing your business as a local presence, it can also help you improve your marketing campaigns by targeting potential customers in your target area.

For instance, incorporating a local number in your advertising can encourage callers to engage with your business, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a new phone system or want to boost your local presence, providers offer 916 numbers in both mobile and landline formats, starting at a dollar per user per month with transparent, no-contract pricing. 

Improve Your Customer Service

Having a separate number for business calls not only ensures your privacy but also adds a layer of professionalism to your communication with customers. Keeping customer calls organized is easy using a virtual phone system with features like call routing, call recording, auto attendants, voicemail, and more. This lets you quickly respond to customer inquiries and improve your overall customer experience.

If you’re in the market for a 916 number, get one soon because the pool of available numbers is shrinking. As a result of population growth and the use of mobile phones, the area code is projected to run out of prefixes by early 2018. This means businesses in the Sacramento metropolitan area may need to switch their current numbers to the new 279 area code.

Many people feel connected to their local area code and consider it a part of their identity. As such, they’re reluctant to switch to a new area code. According to experts, changing your business number can feel like tearing apart the history of a city.

A 916 number provides a sense of local presence for your company and enhances your brand visibility in Northern California. It can also boost your cold-calling campaigns by allowing you to target local customers and build rapport with them.

Establish a Separate Line for Sales

A dedicated phone number makes it easy to differentiate personal calls from customer service inquiries. This helps to elevate the overall quality of your customer service and can help you improve your business processes. Additionally, you can avoid using your phone number for professional purposes and keep your privacy intact.

Moreover, by utilizing a 916 number, you can quickly establish your business presence in Sacramento without physically relocating to the area. With cloud telephony services, you can have a 916 number and manage incoming business calls from anywhere with a device and WiFi connection. There’s no need for extra hardware or a new mobile phone, as you can forward calls to your existing line and manage the caller information from any computer or smartphone.

With Talkroute, you can also get a 916 number with a customizable greeting to ensure your calls are answered promptly and professionally. This will help create an excellent first impression for your customers and boost your brand’s credibility.

Plus, you can use the voicemail feature to customize your voicemail messages and efficiently convey important information to your callers. You can also record and analyze incoming and outgoing calls to enhance your business operations. Moreover, you can also add account users and grant them specific access permissions to streamline your internal communication.

Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

A 916 number makes it easy for customers to reach you. The local area code instantly connects you with the vibrant communities in Sacramento, fostering trust and credibility. This translates to better cold calling performance, as potential clients are likelier to pick up the phone from a local caller.

Additionally, using a virtual phone system allows you to route calls to the appropriate department or person within your organization efficiently. This means that customers are always connected to the most knowledgeable representative.

You can also set up menus and user extensions to help you manage your business calls. Moreover, you can access your business calls across multiple devices—including desktop, web, and mobile apps—ensuring you’re always on top of your customer’s needs.

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