Various Types of Travel Occupational Therapy Job For Healthcare Professionals

Travel occupational therapist jobs offer healthcare professionals the chance to explore different areas of the country while working short-term contracts. They help fill the need for skilled OTs in rural communities with limited healthcare options. A travel OT works for a healthcare staffing agency and usually takes 13-week assignments at hospitals, clinics, community health programs, rehabilitation centers, and home health facilities. They may also work with children.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on helping individuals overcome physical, emotional, and social challenges resulting from an injury or health condition. These practitioners are often found in medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, home healthcare, and nursing homes. A travel OT can find contracts anywhere in the country, but some prefer working in specific regions or abroad.

To do so, they must contact a healthcare staffing agency specializing in travel placements. These agencies can help them secure travel occupational therapy jobs and provide any necessary paperwork in their desired location. They can also help with licensure requirements, insurance, and a non-taxable housing allowance stipend.

Travel OTs also receive many perks unavailable to traditional healthcare professionals, such as direct payroll deposit, referral bonuses, 401(k), travel expense reimbursement, and more. It’s essential for OTs who are new to the profession and want to maximize their earning potential.

As a result, working as a travel OT can be an excellent option for those looking to combine their career and personal life. In addition, they can get the experience they need to further their careers by taking on short-term assignments at various facilities. These experiences will broaden their skills and help them become more effective in their treatment sessions.

Physical Therapy

Travel OTs specializing in physical therapy often work with patients of all ages. Their duties may involve working with children to improve motor skills, assisting seniors in improving their range of motion or helping individuals suffering from behavioral issues adjust their lifestyles to accommodate new challenges.

The great thing about travel OT is that they can move from facility to facility on a contract basis. They can take short-term assignments at hospitals, medical centers, and other locations nationwide. These positions are often based on contracts that last up to 13 weeks, allowing you to enjoy new opportunities without feeling tied down to a single medical center or employer for long.

As a new travel OT, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for the tasks and can learn from the facilities you visit. Some facilities may give you unrealistic standards or lessons you can’t handle, which will be very challenging for a new travel therapist. It would help if you asked your recruiter about the expectations of specific facilities in your area to make the most of your first travel OT assignment.

Having an experienced healthcare recruiter on your side can make the difference between finding a position right for you or one that makes it challenging to thrive. A trustworthy recruiter for travel therapists can assist you with updating your CV, getting ready for interviews, and negotiating pay and benefits.

Speech Therapy

Unlike PTs, who are movement masters, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are communication experts. Their work focuses on helping patients improve their speech, language, cognitive communication, and oral/swallowing skills. SLPs often treat children with speech disorders one-on-one or in small groups. To help them build their language skills, they may use picture books, play word games, and use repetition to teach kids new sounds.

Those offering speech therapy help may also perform sound exercises requiring them to move their tongue and mouth differently to pronounce letters or words. Other services SLPs provide include helping adults with professional voice development or modification, accent or dialect reduction, and transgender voice therapy. They can even coach individuals through public speaking or business presentations.

Travel OTs specializing in speech therapy often enjoy various benefits, including an excellent salary, housing paid for by the placement agency, direct payroll deposit, mileage reimbursement, insurance, referral bonuses, and more. They can also choose their assignments based on location and type of patient.

You can grow professionally as a traveling therapist by working with various patients and taking on new challenges in the workplace. Taking short-term assignments in multiple facilities will allow you to expand your clinical knowledge base and broaden your skill set, making you a more valuable asset to employers.

Mental Health

In the mental health field, occupational therapists assist patients of all ages in regaining or developing social, emotional, and motor skills that affect day-to-day functioning. Whether the patient is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or dealing with mental illness, an experienced travel OT can make a significant difference in their lives.

Travel OTs work with a healthcare staffing agency to take on short-term assignments at different facilities nationwide. They work in many settings that permanent OTs do, including hospitals and clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, schools, and community outreach programs.

OTs on assignment typically receive premium pay, paid housing, direct payroll deposit, insurance, and referral bonuses. They can also apply for benefits such as licensure reimbursement and tuition assistance.

If you’re interested in a career as a travel OT, finding a reputable healthcare staffing agency with plenty of jobs is essential. You can search online for job opportunities or ask for recommendations from current travelers to see which agency is right for you. Once you’ve found an agency, they can help you get started with the credentialing paperwork and find a job in your specialty. Then, you can start enjoying the perks of working as a travel therapist!