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Tips to Consider Before Renting Traffic Cones

You’ll want to ensure you know what you need when renting traffic cones. The first step is to measure your space. You’ll want to have at least three feet of space between each traffic cone to avoid overlapping them. This is important for safety purposes, but it’s also important to ensure you don’t overbuy. If you need to be aware of the space you need to delineate; you could find yourself short on delineators and be at risk of a dangerous situation. It’s also a good idea to sketch out the exact area you need to mark.

Sizes Of Traffic Cones

If you’re planning to rent traffic cones, there are several sizes to consider. These items come in different colors, including orange and fluorescent green. They’re often used during construction as road closure markers, parking markers, and as a way to direct pedestrians. But they can be used for a variety of other purposes.

Whether you need them for road closures or want to put up a temporary road blockage, you’ll need traffic cones at least 28 inches tall. According to experts in traffic cone rental Washington, larger traffic cones are typically more durable and provide better visibility than smaller ones. Smaller traffic cones are best used in residential areas or in parking lots. However, you should ensure enough space around each cone for motorists to maneuver around it. In addition to their use for road closures, traffic safety cones can also be used in construction sites. They can help signal above-the-head hazards to workers and restrict access to other parts of a construction site. Traffic safety cones are also helpful during large events like concerts or festivals, where a large crowd needs a way to direct foot traffic. If the area is wet, traffic cones can prevent water splashes from puddles, damaging the pavement and requiring expensive repairs.


Traffic cones are a simple way to direct vehicles. These devices have sensors to detect the edge lines of a traffic lane and identify the sensitive area. This information is then used to determine the distance and direction of a vehicle. A traffic cone is placed in the appropriate location based on this information. This technology will revolutionize the road construction industry. It will improve safety and help workers get back to their homes safely. According to statistics, road construction workers are among the most injured and killed in workplace accidents. 63% of workplace fatalities were caused by moving vehicles.

A traffic cone placement system can be automated using a robot arm. This robot arm can automatically pick up a traffic cone in the loading bay and place it on the road. The robot arm can be placed in the middle or rear of the vehicle to ensure the traffic cone is placed correctly.


When renting traffic cones, you’ll have several options for customization. Cones come in various colors and sizes, which make them ideal for a wide range of projects. Using colorful traffic cones is especially popular at sporting events and kid’s parties. Customized parking lot cones can also improve the guest experience at a company. When using these cones, however, it is important to note that they should not be placed on roadways or other dangerous environments. 


Traffic cones are a crucial part of any safety plan. They serve as warning signs for pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers and help organize your event. Cones can also help you comply with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Regardless of your event’s size, you’ll find that traffic cones are an essential component of safety planning. Here are a few tips to consider before renting traffic cones.

First, remember that you’ll have to keep a regular check on the location of your cones to make sure they’re still in the correct location. Sometimes, traffic will push or scrape a cone off its position or knock it over, so it’s critical to return it to its proper position. If the cones are placed correctly, you’ll be able to communicate with drivers, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Therefore, it’s vital to mark each cone ahead of time so you’ll know where to place them during construction.


There are many advantages to renting traffic cones and drums rather than buying them. The cost is much less, and worrying about storing the equipment is unnecessary when not in use is unnecessary. In addition, you won’t have to worry about replacing the cones when they wear out. You can also mix traffic cones with signs to create a barrier that keeps traffic moving safely. Cones are helpful for directing traffic in an area to alert drivers to obstacles such as construction sites and road hazards. They are also reflective and can be placed in various locations to draw the attention of drivers. When renting traffic cones, choose the type that best fits your project. If you are unsure what type of cone you need, consider talking to a professional to find the best one for the job.