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Popular Hawaiian Cuisine You Should Try

Whether you’re planning a trip to Hawaii or want to experience a bit of island-style cooking, there are plenty of popular Hawaiian dishes to try. These dishes include Spam musubi, Chicken long rice, Loco moco, and fish tacos. However, you may be wondering which ones you should try first.

Chicken Long Rice

Chicken long rice is a popular Hawaiian dish that can be served in a restaurant or in banquet Carson as a side dish or soup. This dish originated in China and has been adapted by Hawaiians for its comforting flavor. It is a traditional dish at luaus and is great for parties and potlucks.

Spam Musubi

If you like Spam and you’re craving an authentic Hawaiian meal, you should try Spam musubi. This delicious dish is made from pressed rice and a nori sheet. You can either fry the Spam in the pan on both sides or put it in the sauce. If you cook it on both sides, the Spam will be more tender and won’t fall apart. Another option for making Spam musubi is to layer the Spam and rice or use a musubi mold to make it more symmetrical.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are a staple of Hawaiian cuisine, and you should try them during your next trip. This popular local dish is made with fresh Hawaiian fish caught daily. In addition, you can enjoy these delicious tacos at dozens of Honolulu restaurants.

Loco Moco

Loco moco is one of Hawaii’s most popular dishes. It’s a filling, easy-to-eat comfort food available all over the island. Loco moco is a traditional dish that has remained popular for many years.


Manapua is one of Hawaii’s most traditional comfort foods. It’s similar to the Chinese bun, cha siu bao, but is made with a Hawaiian twist. Its filling is usually pork or chicken, but it can be made with anything from sweet potato to vegetables. The buns can be steamed or baked. There are even vegetarian and vegan varieties. In Hawaii, manapua is commonly served at restaurants.

Shaved Ice

Shaved ice is a classic Hawaiian treat that is simple yet versatile. To make it a unique Hawaiian treat, you can add all sorts of toppings, including coconut, vanilla ice cream, and even mochi balls. Many Hawaiian shave ice stands use fresh juice instead of condensed milk.


Saimin is a traditional noodle soup that is considered the national dish of Hawaii. It consists of thin noodles in a clear broth with various toppings, like char siu pork, ham, and fish cakes. Saimin is a unique local dish that combines the culinary influences of Chinese and Japanese immigrants. You can purchase a package of ready-made saimin or make it yourself at home using a packet of instant noodle soup mix.

Pipi Kaula

If you’re visiting Hawaii, one of the best dishes to try is pipikaula. Essentially, pipikaula is broiled salted beef, one of Hawaii’s most popular dishes. It is best enjoyed as a large serving. Pipikaula can be found at restaurants such as Helena’s, Highway Inn, Haili’s, and Yama’s in Moiliili.


Laulau is a traditional Hawaiian dish. It is made from pork or pua wrapped in taro and ti leaves and baked in a traditional underground oven. Laulau is often served with rice or macaroni salad. You can find this dish served daily for lunch in the best places in Hawaii.