Lifestyle Switch: How to Rebrand Yourself and Live Your Best Life

People reinvent themselves all the time. This should be no surprise, considering businesses embark on rebrands to resuscitate a bad image or renew an outdated logo.

Apple famously completed a rebrand in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned and the company switched from the rainbow logo to a sleek metallic one. Other companies have succeeded with rebrands as well, so why can’t people do it?

You might be looking to change your life, to become happier and healthier. Maybe it’s time to take on a new challenge. If that’s the case, read here for some ideas on how to rebrand yourself and how to live your best life.

What Is a Personal Brand?

Understanding how to live a better life might begin with figuring out what your personal brand is. Someone’s brand is the way they are perceived by others. 

Personal branding in a business sense is the practice of marketing yourself and your skills. You create and maintain a reputation within a specific field. This reputation showcases your skillset and defining characteristics for the people around you.

But sometimes, that personal brand goes stale. Or you’re making major life changes and you need a new outlook. You’ve evolved beyond your old persona and it’s time for something more. This is when you look into how to rebrand yourself.

How to Rebrand Yourself 

When working on how to rebrand yourself, you need to first consider where you want to end up. How to reinvent yourself often starts with who you want to become. Some great lifestyle tips for this include the use of a vision board which will help you visualize what your future looks like. 

From there, it’s time to decide what your selling points are. What defining characteristics are you known for? Are those still the characteristics you want to be attached to your new self?

Consider brainstorming a list of defining characteristics that you want to be associated with. These can be focused on your personality or profession. Or they could be based on your lifestyle, talents, and values. 

How to live a better life often continues with controlling the narrative. Adopting or highlighting these new characteristics can help you do that. Don’t forget to integrate your former self and your past experiences into the new personal brand.

If you’re a small business owner, one part of how to rebrand yourself should be writing a new personal brand statement. Make sure your online presence, on both your website and all social media channels, fits your new brand and displays your new outlook. 

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Reinventing Your Personal Brand and More

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