Orange Curriculum: How It Enables You to Collaborate With Parents

Orange recognizes that parents are the critical influence in kids’ lives and creates content to support them. It includes a parent cue app synchronizing with lessons and helps families converse spiritually at home. These experienced leaders offer coaching, training, and resources to help ministry leaders thrive.

The Parent Cue App

The Orange curriculum uniquely approaches kids’ and teenagers’ ministry. It uses storytelling visuals, drama sketches, and music playlists to connect with kids in a way that reaches them where they are. It is more than a lesson plan; it’s a strategy to build community, foster relationships, and help faith be taken home.

It’s based on the philosophy that parents are children’s first influence and that combined, church and home can impact children more than alone. The organization creates various experiences and lessons to partner with parents, including a parent cue app synchronizing with the weekly class.

It allows parents to share the message of Jesus with their children throughout the week by leveraging everyday opportunities like bedtime conversations, meal times, and car rides home.

The Phase Project

According to Orange, children’s spiritual development is directly impacted by their social-emotional learning. Because of this, they try to develop curricula that promote collaboration between the home and the church.

They also provide annual conferences and an online learning course as tools to assist churches in training volunteers. Orange produces content to help parents because it recognizes their pivotal role in their children’s lives. Because kids listen to their parents more than anyone else, Orange emphasizes that church and home should work together to influence children’s lives.

They create age-appropriate content that helps kids see God for who He is, fuels their passion to follow Him, and connects them with a community of believers. They do this through weekly church curricula, event experiences, and digital ministry training.

Their curriculum is based on the phases of life: wonder (infants through preschool), discovery, and passion (kids through middle school and high school). Every step has different learning needs and unique obstacles. They use this insight to develop curricula, events, and communication tools that equip churches to reach each stage of life with a relatable message.

Because it’s online, you can customize Orange to your specific context. They offer a variety of customizable resources to help kids connect and learn, such as storytelling visuals, drama sketches, and music playlists. They also provide a yearly strategic plan for preschool through high school that helps you align with parents.

In addition, they provide each partner with personal access to an Orange Specialist. These specialists have 500,000 hours of experience in rural, urban, and multi-site ministries and can help you address your most significant ministry challenges. They can even connect you with a community of leaders passionate about the same things you are!

The Parent Resource Library

Orange has made waves in the church community by highlighting the importance of family ministry. They understand parents have much more time and influence with their kids than the church, so they’ve designed their curriculum to bridge the gap between church and home.

They have extensive children’s ministry options from preschool to high school and a parenting app that follows each lesson and helps families establish spiritual habits through weekly family devotions. They’ve also incorporated experiences that equip leaders to connect with parents and kids using storytelling visuals, drama sketches, and music playlists.

The Parenting Toolkit

Orange is more than a curriculum; it’s a strategy for influencing the next generation. They empower churches to work alongside parents to impact kids and teens through age-specific lessons, dynamic event experiences, and digital ministry training. Their unique approach aligns the church’s light and the home’s heart. This combination has a more significant impact than either one alone.

To help kids and teens build a lasting spiritual foundation, the church must be part of their life at home. In addition to empowering parents through their curriculum, app, and parenting blogs, they also offer resources for celebrating milestones like baby dedications, kindergarten enrollment, baptisms, and graduations. It can be the gentle prod to get you moving in the right direction by encouraging parents to naturally grow their faith alongside their children through daily cues and reminders.

Another critical aspect of their approach is the emphasis on social-emotional learning. They believe that a child’s SEL directly impacts their spiritual development. Educating parents and their children can help them grow as believers and set a positive example for the rest of the family.

They also have a specialized curriculum for preteens and teenagers, XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School, that addresses the specific needs of this age group and helps them connect with Jesus on a deeper level.

It allows them to develop a relationship that will last long after they leave the church. Orange is a method to assist children in building relationships with their parents, leaders, and peers. It is not just a curriculum. It’s an approach to fostering relationships and helping in the adoption of faith.