An Extracurricular Activities List for Kids: Fun When Not in School

It’s not easy for kids to sit around the house all day during school vacations. Children are meant to be active and you can bet your bottom dollar they will let you know it!

Whether it’s boredom or cabin fever, there’s no denying it’s important to have a slew of fun activities on hand ready to be used especially when the kids aren’t in school.

Sounds like the perfect time to cut the TV cord and stop stressing over screen time, right? Allow us to share some of our favorite ideas for keeping kids entertained during down time this winter.

Here’s a basic extracurricular activities list for you!


There are many different types of sports that children can participate in when they are not in school. Some of these sports include basketball, football, baseball, soccer, track and field, and many more. Each sport has different benefits that can help children grow and develop in many different ways.

Participating in sports can help children learn how to work together as a team, how to communicate with others, how to be competitive, and how to set and achieve goals. It is important for children to be physically active and participating in sports is a great way to keep them active. Sports can also teach children important life lessons such as perseverance, dedication, and discipline.


There are many extracurricular activities for kids that they can do when not in school. One of them is cooking. Cooking is a great activity for kids because it helps them to learn about food and how to prepare it.

It also allows them to be creative and experiment with different flavors. Additionally, cooking is a great way for kids to bond with their families and friends.


One of the most fun extracurricular activities for kids is pottery. Pottery is a great way for kids to express their creativity and have fun while doing it. This can improve child development through artistry. It’s also a great way for kids to learn about different cultures and histories.


Scouting can help young people learn new skills, make friends and have fun. This is very important in growing children, especially boys. There are many different types of scouting activities such as:

  • hiking
  • camping
  • fishing

There’s a lot more! Scouting can help teach kids about teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.

Start a Garden

When you think of extracurricular activities for kids, you might think of sports or clubs that meet after school. But there are plenty of other activities that can be just as much fun and provide valuable life lessons that are done outside of the classroom. One great activity is starting a garden.

Gardening is a great way to get kids outside and teach them about where food comes from. They’ll learn how to care for plants and how to be patient as they wait for the fruits (or vegetables) of their labor. Gardening can also be a great family activity – working together to make something beautiful and useful.

Volunteer for a Local Community Organization

There are plenty of extracurricular activities for kids to get involved in when they’re not in school. One great option is to volunteer for a local community organization. This can be a great way to give back to the community and help out those in need.

It’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. There are many different community organizations to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that’s a perfect fit for your child.

Participate in a Community Theater Production

There are many community theaters across the country that are always looking for new talent. This is a great way for kids to have fun when they are not in school. They can learn about the:

  • stage
  • props
  • costumes

They can also make new friends and learn how to work as a team.

Book Club

When it comes to finding extracurricular activities for kids, a book club can be a great option. Not only is it a fun way to spend time when not in school, but it can also be a great way to encourage kids to read. You’ll want to find a book club that is age-appropriate for your child.

Make sure the book club is focused on books that your child will enjoy reading. And finally, you’ll want to make sure the book club is run by adults who are patient and enthusiastic about reading.

Foreign Language

One great way to keep kids entertained and engaged when they are not in school is to sign them up for extracurricular activities that they enjoy. For kids who are interested in learning a foreign language, many different activities can be both fun and educational. Many language schools offer kids’ classes that meet after school or on weekends.

Some online programs and apps can be used to learn a new language. By enrolling kids in an extracurricular foreign language activity, parents can help them maintain their interest in learning even when they are not in school.

Join Dance Classes 

One of the great things about living in the 21st century is that there are so many extracurricular activities for kids to enjoy when they are not in school. One of the most popular of these activities is joining dance classes.

Dance classes provide children with a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time. They also help children to develop:

  • coordination
  • flexibility
  • strength

In addition, these classes can help children to express themselves creatively and to socialize with other kids. So if your child is looking for a fun and rewarding activity to join when they are not in school, dance classes are worth considering.

Keep This Extracurricular Activities List Handy

If your kids are tired of being cooped up indoors, try using this extracurricular activities list to get them moving and exploring again. By participating in these activities, kids can learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun.

With so many options available, there’s sure to be something on this list that will interest your child. And who knows, they may just find a new hobby that they enjoy! So get outside and have some fun!

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