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6 Best Sitcoms To Watch With Your Family

Sitcoms are one of the best shows on television that could unite families. Watching a great sitcom together with your family is a great way to gather everyone and have a good time together.

If you have already done that and need more sitcoms to watch, or your favorite sitcom is already ended, I have a list of the best sitcoms to watch with your family. These sitcoms will make everyone’s day better and everyone closer than ever.

1. Seinfeld

As a big fan of sitcoms, I have to put Seinfeld on top of this list. Seinfeld is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms that has ever existed. Follow the everyday lives of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in New York City.

Seinfeld was released in 1989 and ended in 1998. There are 180 episodes and 9 seasons in total and all of them are amazing. You can still follow Jerry Seinfeld on his new brilliant ideas for new shows.

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This show is legendary, wholesome, hilarious, and timeless. The show is also great if you are a big fan of Will Smith, as it focuses on him. The story is about the young Will Smith who has to leave Philadelphia to live with his rich aunt Vivian and rich uncle Phil in Bel Air. You’ll see how Will Smith is trying to make fun of his stuck-up cousins Hilary and Carlton.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air originally aired in 1990 and ended in 1996. There are 148 episodes and 6 seasons in total. This show is perfect for the whole family.

3. Friends

This sitcom has been the topic of discussion many times recently, especially when it became available to stream by HBO Max back in 2020. The story is very simple, three young women and three young men, who are best friends with each other, are living in the same apartment complex. You will see how they interact with each other and other people they meet along the way.

Friend was released in 1994 and ended in 2004. There are 236 episodes and 10 seasons in total. It is really fun to see many celebrities in their younger days in this show, especially Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you prefer something different from the 80s-90s sitcoms, try Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show is produced and starred by Larry David, who was also the co-creator of Seinfeld. Larry David plays an alternate version of himself, a person who isn’t aware of social conventions and expectations and expects others to adhere to rules of which only he follows.

You’ll be presented with the minutiae of American life, which sometimes or a lot of times can be awkward and weird. Curb of Enthusiasm was released in 2000 and is still being produced today. There are 100 episodes plus extras and 10 seasons in total so far. You can catch the show on HBO.

5. The Office US

As a remake of the original UK version, The Office US managed to surpass the original and is still being actively talked about on the internet. The story is about a paper merchant office called Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Following the main characters like Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, and Dwight Schrute as they are trying their best to sell papers and get a promotion in a mockumentary style of a sitcom.

The Office was released in 2005 and ended in 2013. It has 201 episodes and 9 seasons, and you can catch them all on many streaming sites such as Vudu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Comedy Central, and more.

6. The Big Bang Theory

In the world of geeks and nerds, The Big Bang Theory was once a very famous show. Many new sitcoms are learning from The Big Bang Theory on how to portray people who love technology and video games.

In the show, you’ll be following Sheldon and Leonard, two very smart guys who are living together in the same apartment. I think your kids will love this show as there are so many references to video games, cartoon shows, and comic books.

The Big Bang Theory was released in 2007 and ended in 2019. It has 279 episodes and 12 seasons. The entire show is a roller coaster, and you’ll see many new characters as the show progresses.

Watching sitcoms are so easy nowadays

Thanks to various streaming platforms available at your fingertips, watching and finding new shows is very easy. You can sit back and relax with your family, and you’ll never run out of quality entertainment.