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2009 Reunion Picnic Dinner, Dixon Illinois

2009 Reunion Pic­nic Din­ner, Dixon Illinois

On the week­end of August 10, 1975, sev­enty five Strongs, those related to a Strong or some just inter­ested in Strong geneal­ogy met at the his­toric First Parish Church in Dorch­ester, Mass­a­chu­setts to form the Strong Fam­ily Asso­ci­a­tion of Amer­ica (SFAA). Strong and Strong-related fam­i­lies came from as far away as Cal­i­for­nia and as near as close-by Boston.

Pic­tured: The 2009 Strong Fam­ily Reunion pic­nic din­ner in Dixon, Illinois.

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  1. Am I able to email you items directly and do you even want them? I can email pic­tures of some Strong grave­stones (specif­i­cally my great­grand­fa­ther, Joseph Weller Strong. He was the son of Her­man Lewis and Lov­ina John­son Strong (says his head­stone) Last time I checked with you, you ha Joseph Weller incor­rectly as Joseph Miller Strong and we (my father, Edward, and his 12 sib­lings) had not made the update list. Any help appre­ci­ated and feel free to share my email addy. — “Cousin” Marsha

  2. Great News for rel­a­tives of all sorts ! If it can help any­one, I have found my direct line from EJS straight through to my father Mil­ton Henry Strong, b. 1915 in Herkimer Cty., NY. I found that Noah Strong, my 5th great-grandfather’s son was Gen­eral John Strong a very impor­tant part of Addi­son, VT’s. his­tory. He was a Patriot in Rev. War and bat­tle of Ticon­deroga In N. Y. State. His home is a museum you can visit. It is mag­nif­i­cent, built on knoll over­look­ing Lake Cham­plain. It is on my “bucket” list to visit my 6th great-uncle’s Man­sion. Wow ! A must to read his story; espe­cially those with closer blood­line. Another great lead: Look up info on Jus­tice of the Supreme Court William Strong. Born in CT. and moved to PA. This is a very learned man and there is a won­der­ful majes­tic por­trait of him. It is riv­et­ing ! There are a lot of great sto­ries from this fam­ily. Let’s try and unite for what they really stood for when they first arrived. Stand proud my fam­ily of Strong’s.…..

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