Historian 4x6 Research Index Cards

File Card Trays

Two File Card Trays of 4x6 Genealog­i­cal Data

I have scanned two trays of 4x6 inch index cards — thou­sands of cards. Each of the below links will give you the PDF file for that sec­tion. I’m not sure if these are of any use to any­one, but I am hereby shar­ing what I have!

Genealog­i­cal Data — Mis­cel­la­neous Families

Sur­name A
~~ Sur­name B
~~ Sur­name B con­tin­ued
~~ Sur­name B Bates
~~ Sur­name C
~~ Sur­name D
~~ Sur­name E
~~ Sur­name F
~~ Sur­name F Funk And Related Fam­i­lies
~~ Sur­name G
~~ Sur­name H
~~ Sur­name H con­tin­ued
~~ Sur­name H Har­baugh Hollinger Funk New­comer
~~ Sur­name I
~~ Sur­name J
~~ Sur­name K
~~ Sur­name L
~~ Sur­name L con­tin­ued
~~ Sur­name L Linthicum
~~ Sur­name L Lohr Lower etc
~~ Sur­name L Lohr Lower etc con­tin­ued
~~ Sur­name M
~~ Sur­name Mc Con­tinue read­ing

Webmaster comes out of Hibernation

Home Sunrise

Return­ing from Hibernation

If you skip a para­graph or three, you’ll move straight to my thoughts on how we can be of greater ser­vice to our new online-connected generations.

The 21st Century

Three years ago I vol­un­teered as Interim Web­mas­ter. That part was easy, thanks to the gra­cious help of our pre­vi­ous web­mas­ter! For the record, I donate to SFAA the cost of domain reg­is­tra­tions, and the cost of commercial-grade server space and band­width. To me it’s all part of the package.

Upon being named per­ma­nent Web­mas­ter, I quickly con­sol­i­dated my empire, declar­ing myself to be the Grand High Hered­i­tary Web­mas­ter of the Strong Fam­ily Asso­ci­a­tion of Amer­ica. It’s a legit­i­mate title, since most of my best “web­mas­ter­ing” ideas come from our son Jakob Barnard.

Con­tinue read­ing