John Barnard and the Battle of Bloody Brook

Battle of Bloody Brook

Bat­tle of Bloody Brook

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Sarah Strong (1656–1733) was the daugh­ter of Elder John Strong (abt. 1610–1699) and Abi­gail Ford (1619–1688) of Northamp­ton, MA. On 13 June 1675 she mar­ried Joseph Barnard. Three months later, her brother in law, John Barnard (ca. 1646–1675), was killed by Indi­ans at the Bat­tle of Bloody Brook, on 18 Sep­tem­ber 1675. Twenty years later, on that very same day of 18 Sep­tem­ber 1695, her hus­band Joseph Barnard Sr. died after being “wounded by ye Enimie.”

Please take a moment and see the excel­lent pho­tos on Libby Klekowski’s Bat­tle of Bloody Brook page. You can see the area, the mon­u­ments, and their loca­tion to Bloody Brook in South Deer­field, Mass­a­chu­setts. I do not have per­mis­sion to take her words or her pho­tographs, which is why I am ask­ing you to look at her page before con­tin­u­ing read­ing here.

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