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Matches 51 to 100 of 12,207

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51 A bell maker at Easthampton. BARTON, Edwin Dwight (I07889)
52 A bell manufacturer at Chatham, Ct. STRONG, Samuel Leverett (I08387)
53 A bell manufacturer at Easthampton, Ct. BUSH, Henry (I07700)
54 A bell manufacturer in Chatham, Ct. SMITH, Henry Strong (I07765)
55 A bell manufacturer in Eashampton, Ct. RICH, Denison Abell (I08329)
56 A bell manufacturer in Easthampton, Ct. WHITE, George Henry (I08312)
57 A bell manufacturer in Easthampton, Ct. CONE, Ezra Gordon (I08322)
58 A bell manufacturer in Easthampton, Ct. ABELL, Irvin Hiram (I08343)
59 A blacksmith and manufacturer of axes on a large scale; and of handsome means; several times a member of the Legislature (1817, 18, 24,26, 32), a strong-minded man. He was of Durham, Ct. STRONG, Hon. Asahel (I04136)
60 A blacksmith at Augusta, Iowa. HAIGHT, William Leander (I34739)
61 A blacksmith at Belchertown, Mass. HAYES, Cornelius Wright (I31989)
62 A blacksmith at Canton, O. STRONG, Alanson (I11099)
63 A blacksmith at Chester, and an eminent Christian. COLMAN, Eliphalet (I11470)
64 A blacksmith at Cobleskill, N.Y. FOOTE, Charles Egbert (I26979)
65 A blacksmith at Dale City, Iowa. He enlisted in Oct. 1861, in the U.S.A., as a private in the 45th Regt. Ill. Vol. Infantry and served for a portion of the time as brigade Blacksmith: he was honorably discharged at Chicago in May, 1865. He was with Sherman in his Southern campaign. STRONG, Charles Henry (I34525)
66 A blacksmith at Gaysville, Vt., did not reply to inquiries. STRONG, William (I22353)
67 A blacksmith at Hebron, Ct. STRONG, Capt. Amos (I16189)
68 A blacksmith at Lebanon and afterwards a farmer there. WOODWORTH, John Manchester (I16474)
69 A blacksmith at Northampton, S. Hadley, and (1746-60) at Gr. Barrington. See for further facts concerning such of the Nash family as are also of Strong descent, the Genealogy of the Nash Family under the heads of Granby, Gr. Barrington, and Wyoming, Pa. NASH, Deacon Daniel (I01783)
70 A blacksmith at Northampton. RODGERS, Charles (I31773)
71 A blacksmith at Richmond, Ind., for 27 years (1833-60), but since 1860 resident at Waquoit. CROCKER, Philander (I13580)
72 A blacksmith at Southboro. NEWTON, Charles Lee (I15283)
73 A blacksmith at Springfield, Mass. LOVEJOY, Charles Francis (I10454)
74 A blacksmith at Sullivan, Madison Co., N.Y. (1806-19) where he was also a justice of the peace and afterwards (1819-28) a farmer at Bloomingvale, Huron Co., O., HARRISON, Benjamin (I29198)
75 A blacksmith at Swanton Centre JENNISON, Samuel W. (I10991)
76 A blacksmith at Volga City, Iowa. HAIGHT, Artemas Leroy (I34738)
77 A blacksmith at Yaleville, Chenango Co., NY. He enlisted Dec. 30, 1863, in the 5th N.Y. Heavy Artillery and died in the hospital at Fort Schuyler, NY. SEARLES, Joseph (I12300)
78 A blacksmith in California. MCCOMBER, George W. (I07612)
79 A blacksmith in Clermont. He d. in the hope of being forever with the Lord. STRONG, Benjamin F. (I26167)
80 A blacksmith in Easthampton, Mass. RUST, Daniel (I18974)
81 A blacksmith in Fremont, O., where he died. BAKER, William (I33214)
82 A blacksmith in Hatfield, Mass. He was a Revolutionary soldier, for whose services his widow recieved the yearly pension of $96, until her death. MILLER, James (I03732)
83 A blacksmith in Jamestown, O. SHICKLEY, Jeremiah Bentley (I25114)
84 A blacksmith in New Haven, Ct. BUSH, Charles Adonijah (I07828)
85 A blacksmith in North Coventry, Ct. ROSE, Capt. Joseph (I29951)
86 A blacksmith in Portland, Ct. RICHARDSON, Artemas Pierce (I09052)
87 A blacksmith in Redfield, Oswego Co., NY. STRONG, Eli (I04826)
88 A blacksmith in Springfield Armory, Mass. STRONG, Frederic Augustus (I32292)
89 A blacksmith in the Springfield armory, Mass., and afterwards a machinist in Coventry, Ct. STRONG, Christopher Columbus (I32303)
90 A blacksmith in the U.S. armory at Springfield, MA (1812-13), at Parma, Monroe Co., NY (1814-37), and since 1837, at Sheffield, Loraine Co., OH, where he still (1870) resides full of vigor for his age. STRONG, Jamin (I00717)
91 A blacksmith in Wilbraham, and a man of great energy and excellence of character. BREWER, Gaius (I05644)
92 A blacksmith, no issue. ACKLEY, Oliver Jr. (I07406)
93 A blacksmith. GILLAM, Charles E. (I11066)
94 A boatman in Henry, Ill. COOK, William Francis (I18310)
95 A book agent at Boston, Mass. CABLE, Hobart M. (I22302)
96 A book agent. BRAINERD, John L. (I06919)
97 A book merchant, and publisher in Boston, Mass., since 1823, and since 1862, U.S. Assessor of the Fourth Dist. of Mass. CLAPP, Otis (I30190)
98 A book publisher at Hartford, Ct. STRONG, Ezra Baldwin (I04947)
99 A book-keeper at Cleveland, OH. STRONG, Edgar Eugene (I01883)
100 A bookbinder at Hartford, Ct., died unmarried. BARTLETT, Julius Erasmus (I12999)

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