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Matches 201 to 250 of 12,207

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201 A carpenter at New Lebanon Springs, N.Y. STRONG, Nelson Philester (I19081)
202 A carpenter at Northampton. STRONG, Edson D. (I11124)
203 A carpenter at Northampton. STRONG, Ebenezer N. (I11125)
204 A carpenter at Norwalk, O., until 1868, and since that time at Kent, O., where he is also engaged in rail road business. PELTON, Cyprian (I21788)
205 A carpenter at Oneonta, N.Y. BENNETT, David Solcum (I26982)
206 A carpenter at Perryville, Madison Co., N.Y. and cloth dresser. STRONG, Lewis (I19077)
207 A carpenter at Pittsfield, Mass. STRONG, John King (I14020)
208 A carpenter at Pittsfield. STURTEVANT, John Augustus (I16512)
209 A carpenter at Sandwich, Ill. STRONG, Deacon Zadoc (I33284)
210 A carpenter at Springfield, Mass. He enlisted in the U.S.A. of Vols., in the late war as a member of Co. A, of the 46th Mass. Regiment, Sept. 3, 1862, and was mustered out July 29, 1863. STRONG, Edwin Orange (I28414)
211 A carpenter at Webster. HOMES, William Henry (I27341)
212 A carpenter at Westfield, Mass. STRONG, George (I21030)
213 A carpenter at Williamsburgh, Mass., enlisted in the 52d Regt. Mass. Vols., and d. from effects of hard service. WAIT, Salmon (I19998)
214 A carpenter in Chesaning, Mich. MCINTIRE, John (I22942)
215 A carpenter in Colchester, Ct. STRONG, David Bissell (I15745)
216 A carpenter in De Soto, Dallas Co., Iowa. ELLIS, Wiliam Allen (I25707)
217 A carpenter in Degraff, Logan Co., O. HUDSON, Benjamin Franklin (I18053)
218 A carpenter in Franklin, NY. SMITH, Cyprian Strong (I06927)
219 A carpenter in Groton, N.Y. ADAMS, John (I33340)
220 A carpenter in Hebron, CT. STRONG, David Ebenezer (I00772)
221 A carpenter in Hennepin, Ill. BURNHAM, Albert (I25816)
222 A carpenter in Homer, N.Y. BENEDICT, Anson Wakeman (I15398)
223 A carpenter in Hudson, NY, and previously in Claverack, NY. STRONG, William Francis (I11094)
224 A carpenter in Ind. He was a private in Co. I, 53d O. Vols. Oct., 1861-June, 1865. STRONG, Rufus Wells (I32716)
225 A carpenter in Lynn, Mass. CHANDLER, George Washington (I00166)
226 A carpenter in Middletown, Ct. BROWN, Chauncey Austin (I15754)
227 A carpenter in New Lyme, O., Cherry Valley, O., and San Francisco, Cal. HALL, Elisha (I22924)
228 A carpenter in Newark, N.J. KINSEY, John (I18344)
229 A carpenter in Newark, N.J. BATTIN, James Mitchell (I24803)
230 A carpenter in Northmoreland, and Terrytown. STRONG, John (I27309)
231 A carpenter in Onondaga. KENYON, Joseph C. (I31657)
232 A carpenter in Rochester, N.Y. ELDRED, Parley (I33047)
233 A carpenter in Salem, O. He died in Fairfield, Iowa, where he had resided since 1849. STRONG, Daniel (I32696)
234 A carpenter in Skaneateles. BENEDICT, Heman Allen (I15400)
235 A carpenter in Westhampton. NORTON, Joseph Drances (I19789)
236 A carpenter in Wilbraham, Mass. KENT, William (I29890)
237 A carpenter in Woodland. COOPER, Douglass B. (I25430)
238 A carpenter in Wyoming, Jones Co., Iowa. SMITH, Daniel Washington (I06969)
239 A carpenter, died unmarried. BARTLETT, James Willard (I12997)
240 A carpenter, resided in Crown Point, N.Y. until 1827, in Clermont, Ind. until 1839, in Galesburgh, Ill. until 1852, and in Ellison, Ill. until 1865, and since March, 1865 at Macomb, Ill. No children by second marriage. STRONG, Luke (I26117)
241 A carpenter. WALKER, Jedediah (I04406)
242 A carpenter. ARMS, Henry Colclazer (I08212)
243 A carpenter. WARREN, Daniel (I25752)
244 A carpenter. CLEVELAND, Orlando C. (I27340)
245 A carriage and sleigh manufacturer at Belchertown. BURNETT, Loman Almedus (I03865)
246 A carriage dealer at Richmond, Va. HITCHCOCK, Edward DeForest (I21921)
247 A carriage maker (1871) in Manchester, CT. CONE, Mervin (I01450)
248 A carriage maker at Belchertown, Mass. COWLES, Samuel D. (I03875)
249 A carriage maker at Dunton, Ill. HIGGINS, William Edward (I08603)
250 A carriage maker at Milton, Litchfield Co., Ct., was for a time a farmer. GUILD, David Dickinson (I16333)

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