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151 A button manufacturer at Watebury, Ct. GODFREY, Clement Jenison (I08502)
152 A cabinet maker at Bloomfield, O. CLARKE, Ebenezer Sheldon (I28116)
153 A cabinet maker at Lockport, N.Y. (where he has resided sing 1799); has ben deputy sheriff and sheriff of Niagara Co., and a member of the N.Y. Assembly. Mrs. Margaret (Barnes) Clapp had several children by her previous marriage. He has no children. CLAPP, Hon. Elisha (I30193)
154 A cabinet maker at New Haven. HUBBARD, Frederick (I05193)
155 A cabinet maker at Newbury, VT FARNHAM, Evelyn Hart (I20984)
156 A cabinet maker at Newbury. WADDELL, John (I22374)
157 A cabinet maker at Wilbraham, and local Methodist preacher. BREWER, Rev. Calvin (I05812)
158 A cabinet maker in Akron, O. His family resides in Friendship, N.Y. STRONG, Elijah Pinneo (I33791)
159 A cabinet maker in Owasco. He removed to Auburn, NY in his later life. CLARK, Eliakim Jr. (I08739)
160 A cabinet maker in San Francisco, Cal. DARROW, George (I23708)
161 A cabinet maker in Walton, N.Y. EELLS, Orson Jacob (I06945)
162 A cabinet maker, d. early. STRONG, Theodore (I19060)
163 A cabinet maker. LADE, Seely (I22990)
164 A cabinet-maker in Madison, WI. SADD, Harvey (I02607)
165 A cadet in Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. LYMAN, Charles Hinckley (I27983)
166 A captain in the late war; a house-builder in Osceola, Iowa. HICKS, George Washington (I32818)
167 A captain in the United States army. He resigned his commission, Sept., 1867. His present whereabouts are unknown. VON MICHALOWSKI, Capt. T. B. (I06909)
168 A captain of a ship sailing from New York. NORTON, Capt. Jabez Clark (I06914)
169 A captain the the 176th N.Y. Vols. Reg., in the late war (under Gen. N. P. Banks), taken prisoner in Louisana and confined for a year in Shrevesport, Texas. Since the war he has been engaged in cultivating cotton in Louisiana and resides in Monroe, La., recently appointed Int. Rev. Coll of the U.S. JOHNSON, Thomas Secor (I24394)
170 A car and coach manufacturer at Albany, NY. Repeated letters of inquiry for further facts met with no response. GOOLD, John Sargent (I15819)
171 A carman at Boston. STEELE, Moses Gilbert (I24144)
172 A carpenter NORTON, William Henry (I19815)
173 A carpenter and bridge builder at North Evans, Erie Co., N.Y. Repeated letters to him for further facts were unanswered. CLAGHORN, Deacon James Miller (I17097)
174 A carpenter and bridge builder at Sandersville, Ga. KEYES, John (I33361)
175 A carpenter and builder at Buckingham, CT, no issue. HOUSE, Clinton Witt (I01617)
176 A carpenter and farmer at Hebron. WILCOX, Joel (I06401)
177 A carpenter and farmer at Northampton. STRONG, Eleazer (I09802)
178 A carpenter and farmer in Hebron, CT. STRONG, Judson (I01821)
179 A carpenter and farmer. ARNOLD, Oliver Brooks (I23062)
180 A carpenter and fruiterer in California. SCOTT, Harrison (I27120)
181 A carpenter and house builder at Hartford, CT, STRONG, Benjamin Kilbourn (I01938)
182 A carpenter and joiner at Alfred Centre, Alleghany Co., N.Y. STRONG, Levi Culver (I25322)
183 A carpenter and joiner at Haddam, Ct., previously to 1835, but since that time a farmer there. He resides (1870) in Middle Haddam, Ct. STRONG, Deacon Anson (I22574)
184 A carpenter and joiner at Otisco, N.Y. HENDERSON, Andrew (I31615)
185 A carpenter and joiner in Hartland: in 1830 he removed to Trumbull Co., O. BEACH, Ezekiel (I16242)
186 A carpenter and joiner in Morgan, Ashtabula Co., O. KELLOGG, Norman Chauncey (I33937)
187 A carpenter and joiner. ST. JOHN, Rollin De Villo (I33946)
188 A carpenter and millwright at Jamestown, NY. He enlisted Jan. 1862, in the U.S.A. of Vols., took part in the battle of Crinth, Miss. and died there of cholera morbus. BISHOP, Norval (I03658)
189 A carpenter at Angola. WINSLOW, Myron Daniels (I25147)
190 A carpenter at Bank Lick, Ky. STRONG, Newton (I32698)
191 A carpenter at Bridgeport, Ct.: was Sergeant in Co. B, 19th Conn. Regt., in the late war and lost a leg in the battle of Cedar Creek. PARKS, James (I28550)
192 A carpenter at Durham, ME. HASCALL, George Henry (I03594)
193 A carpenter at Harford, Ct. BARTLETT, John Chandler (I12990)
194 A carpenter at Hartford, Ct. RICHARDSON, James White (I32466)
195 A carpenter at Hartford. BARTLETT, Edward Phelps (I12996)
196 A carpenter at Hennepin. SKEEL, Nathan Lewis (I25743)
197 A carpenter at Lapier, Mich. STRONG, Lorenzo Kellogg (I26883)
198 A carpenter at Lebanon, Colchester and Hartford, Ct., successively. BARTLETT, Cyrus McCall (I12978)
199 A carpenter at Mainsburgh, Pa. BRISTOL, Daniel H. (I07369)
200 A carpenter at marshall, Mich. BEALS, Hiram Willard (I34681)

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