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101 A bookeeper in Menasha, Wis. He lost an arm in the late war of the rebellion. He enlisted April 16, 1861, as a private in the 1st O. Vols., was promoted successively to 1st Lt. (Aug. 17, 1861), Capt. (March 23, 1862), Major (Jan. 28, 1865), and mustered out July 12, 1865. He took part in the battles of Bull Run, Shiloh, Siege of Corinth, Battle Creek, Perrysville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Resaca, Atlanta, Savannah, and others, twenty in all. HINSON, Col. Joseph (I21257)
102 A bookkeeper at Colchester. HAMMOND, Daniel Hubbard (I01166)
103 A bookkeeper at Manchester, N.H. HASSAM, George Avery (I24118)
104 A bookkeeper at Springfield. KENYON, Silas Law (I10464)
105 A bookkeeper for a large mercantile house at Chester, Ill. He went at once at the beginning of the late war into the service of his country, enlisting as a private in the 1st Ill. Cavalry, furnishing his own horse and equipments. After two years of hard service he was compelled greatly to his regret to leave tha army and attend to his failing health: but in 1864, he died at St. Louis, at the house of his sister. He was betrothed to Mess Eliza Morrison of Chester. TUTHILL, Luke Strong (I26239)
106 A bookkeeper for Furnace Co., at Sauquoit, and afterwards at Lenox, N.Y. AVERY, Calvin (I31240)
107 A bookkeeper in Bridgeport, Ct. STRONG, Charles Theodore (I27416)
108 A bookkeeper in Brooklyn. STRONG, Michael Braddock (I06707)
109 A bookkeeper in Buffalo, N.Y. DORRANCE, Charles Johnson (I24641)
110 A bookkeeper in Burlington, Iowa. STRONG, Erastus Witter (I21616)
111 A bookkeeper in Cleveland, O. TAYLOR, Charles Burr (I29124)
112 A bookkeeper in First National Bank of Buffalo. LEE, Reuben Porter (I23650)
113 A bookkeeper in Indianapolis, IN. GRIFFITH, John Jay (I02966)
114 A bookkeeper in New York. STRONG, Albert Luranius (I27419)
115 A bookkeeper in Springfield. HURLBURT, Louis Seneca (I28066)
116 A bookkeeper in the First Nat. Bank, Middletown, Ct. STARR, Henry Barnard (I16634)
117 A bookkeeper in the Third Nat. Bank, in New York, unmarried (1870). STARR, William Edward (I16631)
118 A bookseller at Fayetteville (1843-7) and afterwards deputy sheriff, and then high sheriff. He has been since 1843 a resident at Fayetteville, NC. HARDIE, Robert William (I13183)
119 A bookseller at Middletown. BARNES, Duane (I05225)
120 A bookseller at Northampton, no children. MARSH, Joseph (I28818)
121 A bookseller at Rome, Oneida Co., N.Y., where he established about 1816, the first bookstore in the place. He afterwards taught school (1820-3) in Norwalk, O., and Franklinton, O., and removed about 1824, to Marysville, O., where for many years he was active as a land agent, civil engineer and merchant. In 1847-8, he removed to Nauvoo, Ill., after it was vacated by the Mormons and engaged in gardening and the raising of seeds. He d. suddenly on a steamboat between Nauvoo and St. Paul, Minn., of Cholera (or Cholera morbus). He had no children but brought up as his son, William W. Steele. STRONG, Silas Gates (I04280)
122 A bookseller in Rochester. WETMORE, Lansing Gilbert (I29217)
123 A boot and shoe dealer at Camptown, NJ. STRONG, John Seward (I04945)
124 A boot and shoe dealer in Hartford, CT. BISSELL, James Mason (I02048)
125 A boot and shoe merchant at Ann Arbor, Mich. MOORE, Alanson (I22652)
126 A botanic physician at Spring Creek, Warren Co., PA. GRANT, Dr. Benjamin (I06187)
127 A brakeman on a rail road, residing at Adrian. BAILEY, George Strong (I22472)
128 A brass founder formerly at New Britain, Ct., but now a farmer at Muscatine, Iowa. STRONG, Amos E. (I34775)
129 A brass founder in Chatham: no children. He is also a mail contractor. STRONG, James Henry (I23165)
130 A brickmaker at Mattawan, N.J. BARROWS, James G. (I24816)
131 A bridge builder. He with 13 others was killed instantly, near Northfield, Vt., on the Vt. Central R.R., on a train of cars precipitated, by the most wanton heedlessness of the engineer, down an embankment of seventy feet at the Harlow Bridge. This bridge, some 300 feet in length, had been recently burned and a party of 60 or more workmen were engaged in repairing it, who were returning at the time from their dinner at the neighboring town of Northfield, some two miles distant, to their work. Most who were not killed outright were seriously injured. SWEET, Oel Josiah (I08792)
132 A broker at Kenosha, Wis. WRIGHT, Thomas (I25236)
133 A broker in Boston formerly, but now engaged in N.Y., in extensive plans for the manufacture of beet-sugar. GRANT, Edward Bellows (I23951)
134 A broker in New York, unmarried. WOODBRIDGE, Alfred (I02759)
135 A broker in New York. SCHREINER, Horace A. (I02825)
136 A broker in New York. CASE, Watson E. (I20388)
137 A broker in New York. HOOKER, Edward (I30397)
138 A builder at Rochelle, Ill.: was an U.S. soldier in the regular army enlisting in 1858, in the 8th Regiment: was taken prisoner in Texas and held as such nearly 2 years. He was in several battles in the late war on the Cumberland, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers. He was transferred to the navy and had command of a gunboat at one time as acting ensign, and was mustered out of the service in 1866. DANIELS, Wilbur Addison (I25213)
139 A butcher at Easthampton and engaged in the ice trade. LUDDEN, Almon Strong (I21350)
140 A butcher at Easthampton, Ct. MARKHAM, Alexander H. (I07915)
141 A butcher at Easthampton, Mass. LUDDEN, Enoch Hale (I21349)
142 A butcher at Franklin. BEACH, Robert Mansfield (I22257)
143 A butcher at Plainville, Ct. MOULTHROP, Levi Edward (I21920)
144 A butcher in Franklin, N.Y.: no children. BEACH, Giles Porter (I22256)
145 A butcher in Ossian, Iowa. STRONG, Nathaniel Jason (I22899)
146 A butcher in Portland, Ct. STRONG, Daniel (I09037)
147 A butcher in Portland, Ct. STRONG, Asaph (I09038)
148 A butcher in Springfield, Mass. GRISWOLD, Selden (I21828)
149 A butter buyer in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY. STRONG, Seely (I10158)
150 A butter-dealer, at Canton, N.Y. PERRY, Edward William (I26211)

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