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1 He was a noted registrar of the different phases of weather for many years, residing at Brooklyn. They had several children. Fuller information sought from them was not obtained. MERIAM, Ebenezer (I17568)
2 A merchant in Durham, Ct.; justice of the peace; member of the Conn. Assembly (1835, '36, '39). STRONG, Hon. Munson (I05183)
3 "A beautiful wee lamb." GRISWOLD, Child Unnamed (I29532)
4 "A sensible, resolute woman." LYMAN, Phebe (I11699)
5 "Acting Pastor" at Otto, NY, since 1867. HALL, Rev. Eliot Chapin (I01353)
6 "He was a farmer at Hampton, Ct., owning one of the best farms in the town, and for more than 25 years kept the principal store in the place and packed beef and pork for distant markets." Rev. George Soule, minister of Hampton, Ct., said of him in the Windham Gazette at the time of his decease: "Col. Samuel Moseley was emphatically a gentleman of the old school, affable, with an easy step, and a musical voice and an elegant physical form, his face beaming with a cheerfulness and a good humor perfectly captivating. He was a constant attendant on the house of God in his active life, was the church chorister for nearly 30 years, and died in the faith and hope of his fathers." MOSELEY, Col. Samuel (I26271)
7 "old uncle Enos": a farmer at S. Hadley: a shrewd and quaint old bachelor who called himself always in conversation, "Your uncle I." WOODBRIDGE (I30902)
8 "She was sprightly in all her movements, very affable, one who feared to do wrong, possessing a large amount of love and anxiety for her children and grandchildren, and greatly beloved." So describes her, Mrs. Lucy Kingsley Lyman of Westhampton, her granddaughter, now 76 years old, to whom the author is indebted for the account here given of the descendants of her grandparents as for many other genealogical favors. She died suddenly under the action of an emetic while the physician was in attendance. STRONG, Isabel (I03741)
9 "Tell my father," he said, " I am not afraid to die; my trust is in Jesus." LANSING, Alexander Seymour (I29490)
10 "the first English child b. in Dedham, Mass" DWIGHT, Mary (I30978)
11 ("Borman") BOARDMAN, Nathaniel (I01011)
12 (Methodist) He settled at various places, as Utica and Rome, N.Y., etc. SHEPARD, Rev. David Adkins (I19608)
13 (pub. Aug. 27, 1797) Family F09440
14 (pub. Oct. 18) Family F09390
15 A agent in Harlem, NY. SKEELE, Daniel W. (I07177)
16 A agent, at Dunkirk, of THe American and Merchant's Union Express Co. HARRISON, Henry Noah Webster (I29272)
17 A artisan in Brooklyn, NY. PARSONS, Philo Skidmore (I07775)
18 A assistant in the Insane Retreat at Northampton. BARR, Mary (I19110)
19 A baggage master, on the New Haven, R. Road. He died unmarried, by bleeding to death from an imperfect amputatuion of his leg, which had been injured by a collision on the cars. SHEPARD, Eli Lester (I19384)
20 A baker at Greenville, Mich., with his father. STRONG, Emory Frank (I25514)
21 A baker at Webster. MAY, Comfort Freeman (I15276)
22 A baker in Albany, Oregon. STRONG, William Sanford (I14689)
23 A baker in New Haven, Ct. STRONG, Ezra Baldwin (I05288)
24 A banker and broker in Buffalo, N.Y. (since 1831), and an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He has zealously obtained and kindly furnished many of the facts and dates here given. LEE, John Randolph (I23625)
25 A banker at Burlington, Vt. WARNER, Charles (I31251)
26 A banker at Marengo, McHenry Co., Ill. LANSING, Cornelius (I29485)
27 A banker at Newark, N.J., and an elder in the Presbyterian Church (Rev. Dr. Poor's). PINNEO, James Beza (I33670)
28 A banker at Reading, Pa. RANNY, Hiram Mason (I19578)
29 A banker at Syracuse. BARNES, Ira Gage (I26656)
30 A banker at Watertown: no children. SHERMAN, George Hubbard (I13950)
31 A banker at Wilmington, Ill. DANIELS, Henry Everett Case (I31280)
32 A banker in Hartford. WELLES, Charles Thomas (I03215)
33 A banker in New York. WORK, Frank (I32159)
34 A banker in San Francisco, Cal. HAIGHT, Henry (I25103)
35 A banker in Syracuse, NY. WHITE, Horace Keep (I03081)
36 A banker in Wall street, New York. ROBINSON, Arthur (I18869)
37 A Bapt. clergyman at Stillwater, N.Y. POWERS, Elder Lemuel (I34782)
38 A Bapt. clergyman at Wickford, R.I.; Bennington, Vt.; Dover, Catskill and Franklin, NY; and since 1863, at Conway, Mass. No children. CHAPLIN, Rev. Adoniram Judson (I08203)
39 A Bapt. clergyman in New Lyme, O. DODGE, Rev. Eusebius (I22927)
40 A Baptist clergyman and a teacher. BROWN, Rev. Alfred Henry (I03656)
41 A baptist clergyman at Tatville, N.C. MCDANIELS, Rev. James (I05199)
42 A Baptist clergyman in Bloomington, Ill.: grad. at Madison University. MINER, Rev. Simon Gorton (I18152)
43 A Baptist clergyman of Hartford. DAVIS, Rev. Gustavus Fellowes D.D. (I03224)
44 A Baptist clergyman settled at Alton, Ill. (1836-39), and since 1839 at Suffield, Ct. IVES, Rev. Dr. Dwight D.D. (I08191)
45 A baptist clergyman, settled at Champagne city, Ill. (1856-9), at Olean, N.Y. (1862-4); at Castile, N.Y. (1864-6), and since 1866, at Iowa Falls, Iowa. No issue. FARR, Rev. Archibald Lamont (I22020)
46 A Baptist clergyman. He became a Revolutionary soldier, and was twice driven from his home by the Indians. In 1779, he removed to Sharon, Ct., and thence in 1791 to Milton, Saratoga, Co., N.Y., and in 1801 to Northmoreland, Wyoming Co., Pa., where he resided and was also a farmer. STRONG, Rev. John (I27277)
47 A barber in Hartford, Ct. CHILDS, Samuel K. (I22620)
48 A bell founder at Easthampton, Ct. NILES, Alexander Noble (I08413)
49 A bell founder at Easthampton, Ct. BATON, John Watrous (I08424)
50 A bell founder in Easthampton. WELCH, Bliss (I07697)

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