Elder John Strong

Elder John Stronge comes to New Eng­land. Data brought over from orig­i­nal Martha Strong site with her permission.

Elder John & Abi­gail Strong Grave­stone, Bridge Street Ceme­tery, Northamp­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts. Photo by Eliz­a­beth Ann Gilbert.

Elder John Stronge

  • Was a Tanner.
  • He was born about 1610, in Chard, Som­er­set, Eng­land. He died April 14, 1699, in Northamp­ton, Massachusetts.
  • He mar­ried before 1634, for his 1st wife, Margery Deane, daugh­ter of William Deane. She died about 1635.
  • He mar­ried about 1635, for his 2nd wife, Abi­gail Ford, daugh­ter of Thomas Ford and Eliz­a­beth Chard Cooke. Abi­gail was bap­tized Oct. 8, 1619, in Brid­port, Dorset, Eng­land. She died July 16, 1688, in Northamp­ton, Massachusetts.
  • They are buried in the Bridge Street Ceme­tery, Northamp­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts. (See pic­ture above.)
  • Elder John and Margery came on the “Hopewell” 1635. Ship
  • Abi­gail Ford came on the “Mary & John”, 1630 with her fam­ily. Ship


  • By Mar­jory Deane #1–2
  • By Abi­gail Ford #3–18

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Chil­dren by Margery

  • 1. John Strong Jr — b. bef. 1634, Chard, England
  • 2. Child — d. 2 months old, 1635, Hing­ham, Massachusetts

Chil­dren by Abigail

Hing­ham, Massachusetts

  • Land granted, 18 Sep­tem­ber, 1635, for five acres of land on North Street near Ship Street, Hing­ham, Ply­mouth Colony, Massachusetts.
  • Free­man on 9 March 1636/37

Taunton, Mass­a­chu­setts

  • House lot on Dean Street west of John Dean house.
  • Free­man of Ply­mouth Colony 4 Decem­ber 1638
  • First Con­sta­ble, 1638 and 1639, juror 1645.

Wind­sor, Connecticut

  • 4 Feb­ru­ary 1647 — “Thomas Thor­ton al his land for­merly recorded in fig­ures is sold to Thomas Ford and John Strong where the par­tic­u­lars fully apperar….”
  • This included a house, out house, yards, orchards and gar­dens con­tain­ing about two acres, more or less, bounded north and west by the land of Wal­ter Fyler, south by the rivulet, on the east by the high­ways, and adjoin­ing at the foot of the hill, in the great meadow, one acre and three quar­ters more or less bounded north by the land of John Mason and east by the land of William Hill [Wind­sor Reg­is­ter of Deeds]
  • Free­man 15 May 1654 of Connecticut.

Northamp­ton, Massachusetts

John Strong was ordained and Elder of the church in 1663.

Lands -

  • 14 Octo­ber 1660 — John Strong bought from John Webb, a par­cel of land lying in the Third square and bounded by land of Richard Lyman on the north and the high­way on the south and on the sides bor­der­ing the land of David Wilton on the east by Samuel Allyn on the west — Seven acres .
  • John Strong bought another par­cel from John Webb, a home lot bounded on the high­way east and north and the mill trench on the west con­tain­ing two acres. Part of this was given to his son Samuel.
  • John Strong bought another par­cel from John Webb, which lies on the south side of Mill River and bounded by the high­way east and west, the sides bor­der­ing the high­way south and Mill River north con­tain­ing — two acres.
  • 15 Octo­ber 1660 — Northamp­ton granted to him sev­eral parcels of land includ­ing a tan yard which was bounded on the east and west by the high­way, north by Ralph Hutchinson’s land and the com­mon land, and the meet­ing house hill on the south. John gave this to his son Ebenezer, on 15 Decem­ber 1688.
  • The orig­i­nal tan yard con­tained one quar­ter acre. It was on King Street Brook a lit­tle north of Hamp­shire Mar­ble Works. The town by vote directed all hides be taken to him to be tanned at his own price because of his rep­u­ta­tion for honesty.
  • 15 Octo­ber 1660 — Northamp­ton granted to him his home lot which was bounded on the high­way north and Mill River on the south and bounded on the sides by the land of Capt. Aaron Cooke on the east and Alexan­der Edwards on the west. John Strong con­veyed these parcels to John Webb 18 Octo­ber 1660.
  • The home lot granted to him by Northamp­ton on West Street was nearly oppo­site the Parson’s Home­stead. He sold it to John Webb, and pur­chased John Webb’s home lot at the cor­ner of Main and South Streets. The prop­erty remained in the fam­ily for 103 years.
  • Northamp­ton granted John Strong another par­cel of land in Man­ham Meadow which butts up on the Great River on the east and Mill River on the west con­tain­ing four Six acres plus. John gave half of this lot to Ebenezer, 15 Decem­ber 1688.

[Land records from “Strong Men and Strong Women” by Jeanne Waters Strong]

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