The SFAA Historian’s Genealogy Database

We finally have a work­ing solu­tion to an area I’ve been try­ing to fig­ure out for years: What do we do with new genealog­i­cal infor­ma­tion sub­mit­ted to us? How do we make it avail­able to our members?

Thanks to John Lang­behn, our Newslet­ter Edi­tor, we have an answer. John, over the course of sev­eral years, tran­scribed the entire His­tory of the Strong Fam­ily by Ben­jamin Dwight, into Fam­ily Tree Maker.

Let me show you what we have, and then I’ll give some exam­ples of why that’s use­ful to our membership.

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New Strong Family Updates Books

I work for a com­pany Inbox­Dol­lars that stays com­pletely up-to-date as to var­i­ous online trends. We under­stand that in many ways peo­ple are mov­ing away from real phys­i­cal books, but also mov­ing away from tra­di­tional desk­top Macs and PCs.

The “mobile Web” is tak­ing a larger and larger share of our online inter­ac­tion. I see this every day, of course, by sim­ply look­ing around. Peo­ple are con­stantly and con­sis­tently using their phones and tablets, iPads, etc., for infor­ma­tion and enter­tain­ment. Peo­ple would rather use their phones to send a text mes­sage than use their phone to make a phone call.

Mean­while, we have phys­i­cal books, nicely-bound hard­cover books con­tain­ing the his­tory and geneal­ogy of the Strong Fam­ily in Amer­ica. We have begun to move toward PDF files and Books on CD. How­ever, when is the last time you saw some­one load a CD onto their phone or tablet? To be sure, with our cur­rent offer­ings, we have lit­tle choice.

I am now able to cre­ate true Kin­dle books of our geneal­ogy. I’m now able to start with our Fam­ily Tree Maker data­base and fin­ish with a Kin­dle book avail­able on, Nook book for Barnes & Noble, and so on.

That sounds sim­ple. What’s the big deal?

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