New Book From Brooke Shields

I was walk­ing through Barnes & Noble last week and noticed there is a new book out from Brooke Shields, There Was a Lit­tle Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me. Brooke has writ­ten sev­eral book, and her ances­try has been fea­tured on Who Do You Think You Are.

Brooke is a 10th great grand­daugh­ter of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford, through the Thomas line:

1-John Strong ( — ) + Abi­gail Ford ( — )
2-Thomas Strong ( — ) + Rachel Holton ( — )
3-Joseph Strong ( — ) + Sarah Allen ( — )
4-Phineas Strong ( — ) + Mary Parker ( — )
5-Ozias Strong ( — ) + Susanna West ( — )
6-Susanna Strong ( — ) + John Baker ( — )
7-Thirza Baker ( — ) + George Sheffield ( — )
8-Betsey Sheffield ( — ) + John Keyes Camp­bell ( — )
9-Mary Camp­bell ( — ) + Charles Arthur Moore ( — )
10-Mary Elsie Moore ( — ) + Marino Tor­lonia ( — ), 4th Prince of Civitella-Cesi 11-Marina, Princess Tor­lonia ( — ) + Fran­cis Xavier Shields ( — )
12-Francis Alexan­der Shields ( — ) + Teri Schmon ( — )
13-Christa Brooke Camille Shields (1965– )

Here is the book descrip­tion from Amazon:

Pub­li­ca­tion Date: Novem­ber 18, 2014

Actress and author of the New York Times best­seller Down Came the Rain, Brooke Shields, explores her rela­tion­ship with her unfor­get­table mother, Teri, in her new memoir.

Brooke Shields never had what any­one would con­sider an ordi­nary life. She was raised by her Newark-tough sin­gle mom, Teri, a woman who loved the world of show busi­ness and was often a media sen­sa­tion all by her­self. Brooke’s iconic mod­el­ing career began by chance when she was only eleven months old, and Teri’s skills as both Brooke’s mother and man­ager were for­mi­da­ble. But in pri­vate she was trou­bled and drink­ing heavily.

As Brooke became an adult the pair made choices and sac­ri­fices that would affect their rela­tion­ship for­ever. And when Brooke’s own daugh­ters were born she found that her expe­ri­ence as a mother was shaped in every way by the woman who raised her. But despite the many ups and downs, Brooke was by Teri’s side when she died in 2012, a lov­ing daugh­ter until the end.

Only Brooke knows the truth of the remark­able, dif­fi­cult, com­pli­cated woman who was her mother. And now, in an hon­est, open mem­oir about her life grow­ing up, Brooke will reveal sto­ries and feel­ings that are relat­able to any­one who has been a mother or daughter.

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