Continuing to Update the Sarah (Strong) Barnard Genealogy

Sarah (Strong) (Barnard) Wells Headstone

Sarah (Strong) (Barnard) Wells Headstone

I am con­tin­u­ing to tran­scribe the Sarah Line into Fam­ily Tree Maker, based on The Descen­dants of Fran­cis Barnard by Dr. Walther Barnard. The updated fam­ily tree is here: Sarah (Strong) Barnard.

I am even plan­ning out a real book for the Strong Fam­ily Updates series!

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  1. Hi Edward,
    I am a descen­dant of Fran­cis Barnard and Han­nah Mar­vin..
    I would like to know more about the Barnard geneal­ogy, and I see that Walther M Barnard was work­ing on an exten­sive doc­u­ment. Do you have any info that you can share with me?
    Many thanks, best regards,
    James Barnard
    Mon­treal, QC

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