Joseph Parsons and Elizabeth Strong

THE BANNS HAD been posted on the Meet­ing House door. Young Joseph Par­sons was to wed Eliz­a­beth Strong. In Northamp­ton, when the eldest son of a wealthy man mar­ried the daugh­ter of a church elder, the whole town was invited to the cel­e­bra­tion. Because of its near­ness to mown mead­ow­land with room enough for towns­folk to ram­ble, all par­ties agreed that Joseph Par­sons’ house was the best loca­tion for the wed­ding feast, though some in the town planned to stay away in protest.

I was delighted to dis­cover the book My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northamp­ton by Karen Vor­beck Williams includes the wed­ding of Joseph Par­sons and Eliz­a­beth Strong, daugh­ter of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford. The book goes on to state that the bride’s fam­ily was not opposed to a lit­tle merry-making, and we con­tinue the wed­ding through Chap­ter XVI.

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