Updates Volume I and Volume III CD Only

We have run out of print copies of Strong Fam­ily Updates Vol­ume III. We now ship the book on CD only.

Strong Fam­ily Updates Vol­ume III cov­ers nine chil­dren of Elder John Strong and their Descendants:

  • John Strong, Jr. (pages 1–198)
  • Abi­gail Strong Chauncey (pages 199–220)
  • Expe­ri­ence Strong Filer (pages 221–264)
  • Samuel Strong (pages 265–439)
  • Sarah Strong Barnard (pages 439–507)
  • Han­nah Strong Clark (pages 508–552)
  • Hester/Esther Strong Bis­sell (pages 553–604)
  • Thank­ful Strong Bald­win (pages 605–638)
  • Jer­i­jah Strong (pages 639–797)

Strong Fam­ily Updates Vol­ume I, 2nd Edi­tion, cov­ers Jede­diah Strong, son of Elder John Strong, and his Descen­dants. This book is avail­able on CD only. The 2nd Edi­tion has about dou­ble the con­tent of the out-of-print First Edition.


In the attached photo: Dr. Walther Barnard, author of many of the Notable Kin arti­cles. Walther is a descen­dant of Sarah Strong Barnard. The vil­lage of Barnards is in east­ern Penn­syl­va­nia and named after descen­dants of Sarah Strong Barnard. Our web­mas­ter Edward Barnard descends from these east­ern Penn­syl­va­nia Barnards.

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