Password problem fixed!

Thanks to Bob Cihla, I dis­cov­ered there really was a pass­word prob­lem here on the site. It is now fixed!

Since I’m always logged in to the admin area, I didn’t see the prob­lem. It had to do with extra secu­rity we had in place because of cer­tain inter­net attacks this spring. Nobody should see any­thing else requir­ing a pass­word. (Unless you’re try­ing to log in as the site administrator!)

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  1. I recently attended an IEEE talk given by James Sny­der, Senior Sys­tems Admin for the Library of Con­gress on long-term data archiv­ing. Quite inter­est­ing, and addresses the fragility of mod­ern media (also, per­haps we should archive with the LOC??)

    If you are inter­ested, email me, and I’ll send you the infor­ma­tion I obtained.

    Anthony Hoff­man

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