Wounded by ye Enimie

Joseph Barnard family records 1695

Joseph Barnard fam­ily records 1695

“Joseph Barnard head of this fam­ily was wounded by ye Enimie August 15th 1695 and Dyed Sep­tem­ber ye 6th in ye same year.” (Joseph was my 8th great grand­fa­ther.) Click on the image to see it full size.

This is a 19th cen­tury copy from the “Old Book” of town records. It looks like the “Old Book” had a page for each fam­ily, prob­a­bly in chrono­log­i­cal order as each fam­ily unit was estab­lished. Joseph was the first Deer­field (Mass­a­chu­setts) town clerk, which might explain why his family’s record is at the front of the “Old Book,” on Page 2.

The left col­umn reads “Births in Joseph BarnardS Fam­ily”. The right col­umn reads “Buri­alS in Joseph BarnardS Family.”

The hand­writ­ing is dis­tinc­tive to the mod­ern eye, and of course dif­fi­cult to read. Notice the “s” at the end of the word (such as BarnardS or Buri­alS) is large. Weird. “The” is writ­ten as “ye” — the “th” of “the” was a sin­gle let­ter of the alpha­bet when the orig­i­nal record was writ­ten in the 17th cen­tury which looked some­thing like a “Y,” but by time this copy was made, it was writ­ten as “ye.” Writ­ing “the” instead of “ye” would have been the bet­ter trans­la­tion, but of course the copy­ist was copy­ing not translating.

One rea­son this record is inter­est­ing to me, is that it seems to be miss­ing at least one known child of Joseph and Sarah Barnard — and the orig­i­nal page would have been writ­ten by Joseph him­self. He was town clerk up to the day he was fatally wounded in ambush.

Han­nah is miss­ing from the list, who is buried at Deer­field. As is Thank­ful, how­ever, the note to the right of Abigail’s name looks like it might be refer­ring to Thank­ful. Ebenezer was born six months after his father’s death. I could be in error about Han­nah, or, the town record could be incomplete.

Note that Thomas was born in 1683/2. That’s show­ing the con­ver­sion to Gre­go­rian cal­en­dar notation.

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