Widow Sarah Barnard

Widow Sarah Barnard

Mar­riage record for Widow Sarah Barnard

3 years after her hus­band was fatally wounded in ambush, the widow Sarah Barnard remar­ried on 23 Sep­tem­ber 1698, thus sav­ing her own life 5 years later.

She mar­ried Cap­tain Jonathan Wells, wid­ower, who was cap­tain of the town mili­tia. They lived in a for­ti­fied house, and there­fore sur­vived the Deer­field Mas­sacre of 1704. Both widow and wid­ower brought chil­dren into the mar­riage. 20 years later, in 1718, Sarah’s daugh­ter Rebecca mar­ried Jonathan’s son Jonathan Wells Jr.

Their mar­riage record is half way down the page — it’s hard to read, but names “Capt. Jonathan Wells” and “Widow Sarah Barnard.” Click on the image to see the full size.

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