Why We Need Cemetery Photography

Freshly Crushed Headstone

Freshly Crushed Headstone

This is one rea­son ceme­tery pho­tog­ra­phy can be impor­tant. Many head­stones are being actively destroyed! Click on the image for the grue­some detail.

This is in Pio­neer Ceme­tery, Ful­ton, Call­away County, Mis­souri. Many of the head­stones had mul­ti­ple tire tracks across them. It looked like some­one in a 4-wheeler or ATV was going in cir­cles all over the cemetery.

The face of at least one head­stone was freshly chipped/scraped, and they are being fur­ther cracked.

This ceme­tery has had severe van­dal­ism in the past. The still-muddy tracks show the van­dal­ism con­tin­ues. Yeah, some­one was just rid­ing around, but that per­son was actively destroy­ing what remains of this 19th Cen­tury cemetery.


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