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William and Kate Wedding

The British royal fam­ily on Buck­ing­ham Palace bal­cony after Prince William and Kate Mid­dle­ton were mar­ried. Kate wears a wed­ding gown by Sarah Bur­ton. Photo dated 2011-04-29 16:31 (UTC). Used with per­mis­sion from the Wikipedia arti­cle.

On March 20, 1630, the ship Mary and John departed Ply­mouth, Eng­land. The great fleet of four­teen ships and 1500 emi­grants, the “Winthrop Fleet,” were bound for New Eng­land and the Mass­a­chu­setts Bay Colony.

The ship Mary and John, Cap­tain Squeb, Mas­ter, landed at Nan­tas­ket, Mass­a­chu­setts on May 30, 1630.

Strong fam­ily tra­di­tion, based on the account writ­ten by Gov­er­nor Caleb Strong in 1777, main­tains that Elder John Strong was a pas­sen­ger on Mary and John in 1630. No defin­i­tive records exist, and there­fore we have no con­tem­po­rary proof of who was or was not aboard Mary and John in 1630.

Rev. Syd­ney Strong in the Hamp­shire Daily Gazette, April 5, 1934, Northamp­ton, MA, has this to say:

Con­sid­er­ing the com­mu­nity, the char­ac­ter of the peo­ple involved, their close and inti­mate rela­tions, it is not pos­si­ble for me to con­ceive how an idea like John Strong com­ing in 1630, with Warham, etc. could get into the mind of Gov. Strong, unless it was a fact. There were peo­ple in Northamp­ton for 100 years who would be able to cor­rect a story that John Strong came in 1630, with the Mary & John com­pany, if it weren’t true.

(From Search for the Pas­sen­gers of the Mary & John, Vol. 2, by Bur­ton Spear.)

We do have the pas­sen­ger list for the ship Hopewell, John Dri­ver, Mas­ter for Mass­a­chu­setts Bay of New Eng­land. Hopewell departed Wey­mouth, Eng­land, on May 8, 1635. The pas­sen­ger list includes “Jon Stronge for him­self, fam­ily, goods and food.” (Book 58B, Index of Ships and Pas­sen­gers to the Amer­i­can Colonies, Exche­quer K. R. 1618–1668 copied from Port Book E 190/876/1, Strong Fam­ily Newslet­ter, Jeanne Waters Strong.)

We do know that Elder John Strong lived in Hing­ham, MA, in 1635; Taunton, MA, in 1638; Wind­sor, CT, in 1646; and Northamp­ton, MA, in 1659. John Strong, Wal­ter Deane, and John Deane were admit­ted freemen of the Ply­mouth Colony on Decem­ber 4, 1638. Elder John Strong’s wife Marg­erie (Deane) Strong and infant died about 1635, at Hing­ham, MA, or Taunton, MA. We know that Elder John Strong mar­ried about 1632 in Eng­land, Marg­erie Deane, daugh­ter of William Deane.

It is there­fore likely that Elder John Strong, as a youth about 20 years old, came with the Winthrop Fleet on the Mary and John in 1630. He returned to Eng­land. With his fam­ily, and the fam­i­lies of Wal­ter and John Deane, he per­ma­nently emi­grated to the Mass­a­chu­setts Bay Colony aboard Hopewell in 1635.

For­tu­nately, John Strong at about age 25 mar­ried again. He mar­ried in 1635 at Dorch­ester, MA, Abi­gail Ford, daugh­ter of Thomas and Eliz­a­beth (Charde) Ford. Abi­gail was bap­tized Octo­ber 8, 1619 at Brid­port, Dorset, Eng­land, and died July 16, 1688 at Northamp­ton, MA. I say “for­tu­nately,” because if it were not for John and Abigail’s six­teen chil­dren, there might be no Lady Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry, or me!

(All of the above genealog­i­cal infor­ma­tion is quoted from Strong Fam­ily His­tory Update Vol­ume I.)

The Princess of Wales at The Leonardo Prize, 1995

The Princess of Wales at The Leonardo Prize, 1995. Photo used by per­mis­sion of author on Wikipedia.

(gen­er­a­tion #1) H. R. H. The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Frances Spencer (1961–1997) descends from two sons of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail (Ford) Strong as follows.

(gen­er­a­tion #2) Thomas Strong (ca. 1635–1689), son of John and Abi­gail Strong, in 1671 mar­ried Rachel Holton (ca. 1650-?), daugh­ter of William Holton. Mean­while, Jede­diah Strong (1637–1733), son of John and Abi­gail Strong, in 1662 mar­ried Free­dom Wood­ward (1642–1681), daugh­ter of Henry and Eliz­a­beth Wood­ward. Jede­diah was a farmer in Northamp­ton and dur­ing the years 1677–9 was paid 18 shillings a year for blow­ing his trum­pet on Sun­day to sum­mon peo­ple to meet­ings, since the town had no bell. On May 31, 1674, Mar­tin Smith of Pocum­tuck, was fined 20s for try­ing to kiss Free­dom (Wood­ward) Strong on the street. She was 32 at the time and the mother of 8 chil­dren. Her father, Henry Wood­ward, was a physi­cian and was licensed to sell wines and liquors and had a grist mill in Northampton.

(gen­er­a­tion #3) Joseph Strong (1672–1763), son of Thomas and Rachel Strong, in 1694 mar­ried Sarah Allen (1672–1724), daugh­ter of Nehemiah Allen and Sarah Wood­ford. Mean­while, Pre­served Strong (1680–1765), son of Jede­diah and Free­dom Strong, in 1701 mar­ried Tabitha Lee (ca. 1677/78–1750), daugh­ter of John Lee and Mary Hart. Both cou­ples mar­ried in Northamp­ton, MA or pos­si­bly Coven­try, CT.

(gen­er­a­tion #4) Cap­tain Joseph Strong (1701–1773), son of Joseph and Sarah Strong, in 1724 mar­ried Eliz­a­beth Strong (1704–1792), daugh­ter of Pre­served Strong and Tabitha Lee. Cap­tain Joseph Strong and his wife Eliz­a­beth Strong were both great-grandchildren of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford, and thus sec­ond cousins of each other. They mar­ried in Northamp­ton, MA.

(gen­er­a­tion #5) Dea­con Bena­jah Strong (1701–1773), son of Cap­tain Joseph and Eliz­a­beth Strong, in 1769 mar­ried Lucy Bishop (1747–1783). They mar­ried in Coven­try, CT.

(gen­er­a­tion #6) Dr. Joseph Strong (1770–1812), son of Dea­con Bena­jah and Lucy Strong, in 1796 mar­ried Rebecca Young (1780–1862), daugh­ter of Cap­tain Peter and Eleanor Young. They mar­ried in Philadel­phia, PA.

(gen­er­a­tion #7) Eleanor Strong (ca. 1802/3–1863), daugh­ter of Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Strong, in 1823 mar­ried John Wood (1785–1848). They mar­ried in Chill­i­cothe, Ohio.

(gen­er­a­tion #8) Ellen Wood (1831–1877), daugh­ter of John and Eleanor Wood, in 1857 mar­ried Frank Work (1879–1911), son of John Work and Sarah Dun­can Boude. They mar­ried in New York, NY.

(gen­er­a­tion #9) Frances Eleanor Work (1857–1947), daugh­ter of Frank and Ellen Work, in 1880 mar­ried The Hon. James Boothby Burke Roche, 3rd Baron Fer­moy (1851–1920). They mar­ried in New York, NY.

(gen­er­a­tion #10) Edmund Mau­rice Burke Roche (1885–1955), son of James and Frances Burke Roche, in 1931 mar­ried Ruth Sylvia Gill (b. 1908). They mar­ried in Bield­side, Aberdeen, Scotland.

(gen­er­a­tion #11) The Hon. Frances Ruth Burke Roche (b. 1936), daugh­ter of Edmund and Ruth Burke Roche, in 1954 mar­ried Edward John Spencer, Vis­count Althorp, 8th Earl Spencer (b. 1924). They were mar­ried in West­min­ster Abbey, Lon­don, England.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waving to the crowd at The Mall shortly after the wedding.

All Smiles: Duke and Duchess of Cam­bridge wav­ing to the crowd at The Mall shortly after the wed­ding. Photo cour­tesy of Rob­bie Dale on Wikipedia. Used with permission.

(gen­er­a­tion #12) Lady Diana Frances Spencer (1961–1997), daugh­ter of Edward and Frances Spencer, in 1981 mar­ried H. R. H. Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales (b. 1948), son of Queen Eliz­a­beth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edin­burgh. They were mar­ried in St. Paul’s Cathe­dral, Lon­don, England.

(gen­er­a­tion #13) Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cam­bridge (b. 1982), son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, in 2011 mar­ried Cather­ine Eliz­a­beth “Kate” Mid­dle­ton, Duchess of Cam­bridge (b. 1982), daugh­ter of Michael and Car­ole (Gold­smith) Mid­dle­ton. They mar­ried in West­min­ster Abbey, Lon­don, England.

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  1. I love your site!!!

    fb as Sharon Kay Butler-Kennedy
    Here’s my rela­tion to John Strong & Abi­gail Ford

    John Strong (1610 — 1699) m. Abi­gail Ford (1619 — 1688)are my 7th great grand­par­ents
    Hes­ter Ester Strong (1661 — 1726)
    Daugh­ter of John
    Thomas Bis­sell (1683 — 1771)
    Son of Hes­ter Ester
    Jer­i­jah Bis­sell (1714 — 1806)
    Son of Thomas
    Jer­i­jah Bis­sell (1751 — 1825)
    Son of Jer­i­jah
    Alfred Bis­sell (1793 — 1870)
    Son of Jer­i­jah
    Henry Bis­sell (1838 — 1902)
    Son of Alfred
    Sarah Eliz­a­beth Bis­sell (1875 — 1963)
    Daugh­ter of Henry
    Flossie Fran­cis Now­ell (1911 — 2002)
    Daugh­ter of Sarah Eliz­a­beth
    Sharon Kay But­ler
    You are the daugh­ter of Flossie Francis

  2. What about the Roger Clap Mem­oirs that list Elder John Strong on the Mary and John?

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  4. Here’s my lin­eage from Elder John Strong.

    Thomas Strong Sr / Mary Hewitt →
    Thomas Strong Jr / Mary Steb­bins →
    Damaris Strong / Lt. John Camp →
    Abi­athar Camp / Rebecca Cook →
    Abi­athar Camp / Mary Chidester →
    Abi­athar Camp / Eliz­a­beth C Bur­lock →
    Charles Mar­cus Camp / Mar­garet Emily Sharp →
    Charles Wes­ley Camp / Han­nah Sophia Vin­cent →
    Amanda Pru­dence Camp / Tillot­sen Libby Dyke­man →
    Orland Stan­ley Dyke­man / Iva Myr­tle Orchard →
    Eve­lyn Irene Dyke­man / James Howard Anthony Sr →
    My par­ents

  5. Can any­one con­firm the lin­eage I posted above because I am hav­ing a prob­lem with ’ DAMARIS STRONG’. I can­not find any info on her that is PROOF she is Mary Steb­bins and Thomas Strong’s daughter.

    Just this

    How­ever THIS…does not show a child named DAMARIS

  6. July 21, 2014 @ 10:36 p.m.
    for Sharon Marie Anthony Con­nors
    You can get details from going to main page of SFAA web­site. On left side of page click on Elder John Strong it will bring up his chil­dren if you click on their name of your ances­tor and it will bring up their his­tory. Just fol­low through the lines and you will come to the per­son you are search­ing for, you can then print out each page if you like and keep for ref­er­ence. I did this for my binder and have com­plete info for whomever I need. Great tool.

  7. July 21, 2014 @ 10:44 p.m.
    for Sharon Marie Anthony Con­nors
    Check for Damaris b: 1674 d: 1751
    Her father was Lt. Return Strong and her mother was: Sarah (Warham) Strong.
    Is this what you are search­ing for?
    I hope it helps you. I know it isn’t easy due to the usage of same names in each gen­er­a­tion; Damaris doesn’t show up very often. I was try­ing to find my line of decen­dency through Samuel and it was really through Jede­diah, Elder
    John’s son. Let me know. Elder John was my 8th great grandfather !

  8. Here is my genealog­i­cal line from Elder John Strong…

    Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford

    Jede­diah Strong and Free­dom Wood­ward
    Pre­served Strong and Tabitha Lee
    Noah Strong and Deb­o­rah Glea­son
    Elisha Strong Sr and Desire Williams
    Elisha Strong Jr and Phebe Vail
    Elisha Williams Strong and Maria Peter­son
    Lewis L Strong and Cather­ine Jane Wimer
    James Franklin Strong and Sarah Lucre­tia Burns
    Ruth Car­o­line Strong and Wil­ford Evan John­son
    Dorothy Mae John­son and Ver­non Nib­ley Stod­dard
    Mer­rell David Stod­dard and Carla Evans
    Camilla Stod­dard (me) and Tay­lor Scott

  9. My lin­eage from Elder John Strong

    Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford

    Thomas Strong & Rachel Holton
    Jus­tice Joseph Strong & Sarah Allen
    Dea­con Phineas Strong Sr. & Mary Parker
    Phineas Strong Jr. & Tabitha Brew­ster
    Abel Strong & Eliz­a­beth Wake­man
    Daniel Strong & Wealthy Loomis
    John Strong & Cather­ine Dan­ner
    Harry Strong Sr. & Mary Daughty
    Harry Strong Jr. & Lot­tie Cur­tis
    Ruth Strong Uhl & Thur­man Uhl
    Richard Strong Uhl & Janet Mason
    Susan Uhl Syron

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