Account Book of Joseph Barnard

Sarah Strong (1656–1733), daugh­ter of Elder John Strong (abt. 1610–1699) and Abi­gail Ford (1619–1688) mar­ried Joseph Barnard (1650–1695). Joseph Barnard was the first Town Clerk of Deer­field, Massachusetts.

The Pocum­tuck Val­ley Memo­r­ial Asso­ca­tion, Deer­field, MA, host a num­ber of arti­facts online. They write:

Account Book of Joseph Barnard

Account Book of Joseph Barnard

Like many peo­ple in New Eng­land, Joseph Barnard (1641–1695) of Deer­field, Mass­a­chu­setts, kept an account book. In its pages Barnard recorded the goods, labor, and ser­vices he exchanged with his trad­ing part­ners. Joseph served as Deerfield’s first town clerk and was con­sid­ered a “pru­dent man.” Barnard’s account entries ended abruptly in 1695. He died after being wounded in an Indian ambush. Barnard and four other armed men were attacked on August 21 as they rode with sacks of grain to grind at a mill about three miles away. In his writ­ten report of the inci­dent to the Gov­er­nor, John Pyn­chon of Mass­a­chu­setts called Barnard’s death “a Hum­bling prov­i­dence, he being a very use­ful & help­ful man in ye place so much under dis­cour­age­ment, & will ye more find & feel ye want of him.”

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Joseph Barnard and Sarah Strong

Sarah Strong, daugh­ter of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford, was born in 1656 at Wind­sor, CT. In today’s world, Sarah would have been called “Lady of the Year.” She must have been styl­ish and well dressed for she was fined 10 shillings and costs (2 shillings and 6 pence) in 1673 for wear­ing silk, con­trary to law.

In 1675 at 18 years of age, Sarah mar­ried Joseph Barnard, son of Fran­cis and Han­nah (Merrill/Muriel) Barnard, early Puri­tan set­tlers of Hart­ford, CT. Joseph was well edu­cated and well trained for one of his time. Joseph and Sarah moved from Northamp­ton, MA, and were one the group of first set­tlers of Deer­field, MA, where Joseph was mor­tally wounded by Indi­ans in 1695. Sarah was left with 9 chil­dren liv­ing at home and one child was born in March of 1696, six months after Joseph’s death.

In 1698 Sarah mar­ried a sec­ond time to Cap­tain Jonathan Wells, hero in King William’s War (1689–1697). Sarah was buried in the “Old Bur­ial Ground,” Deer­field, MA. Her marker still stands near her sec­ond husband’s marker and a few feet from her first husband’s marker. From Strong Fam­ily His­tory Update Vol­ume III p. 439.

Joseph Barnard Headstone

Joseph Barnard Headstone

Joseph’s grave­stone is inscribed:

6th 1695

Pho­to­graph by Walther M. Barnard, 15 August 2001, from “The Descen­dants of Fran­cis Barnard, Part A,” per­mis­sion for use granted to the Strong Fam­ily Asso­ci­a­tion of America.

Accord­ing to Shel­don, A His­tory of Deer­field, MA, II, p. 65, Joseph Barnard was a tai­lor, sur­veyor, and farmer. He was one of the fore­most in the per­ma­nent set­tle­ment of the town of Deer­field, MA. He was Recorder for the Pro­pri­etors, the first Town Clerk, and Clerk of the Writs in 1690. His grave­stone bears the old­est date of any in the old bury­ing yard.

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Wounded by ye Enimie

Joseph Barnard family records 1695

Joseph Barnard fam­ily records 1695

“Joseph Barnard head of this fam­ily was wounded by ye Enimie August 15th 1695 and Dyed Sep­tem­ber ye 6th in ye same year.” (Joseph was my 8th great grand­fa­ther.) Click on the image to see it full size.

This is a 19th cen­tury copy from the “Old Book” of town records. It looks like the “Old Book” had a page for each fam­ily, prob­a­bly in chrono­log­i­cal order as each fam­ily unit was estab­lished. Joseph was the first Deer­field (Mass­a­chu­setts) town clerk, which might explain why his family’s record is at the front of the “Old Book,” on Page 2.

The left col­umn reads “Births in Joseph BarnardS Fam­ily”. The right col­umn reads “Buri­alS in Joseph BarnardS Family.”

The hand­writ­ing is dis­tinc­tive to the mod­ern eye, and of course dif­fi­cult to read. Notice the “s” at the end of the word (such as BarnardS or Buri­alS) is large. Weird. “The” is writ­ten as “ye” — the “th” of “the” was a sin­gle let­ter of the alpha­bet when the orig­i­nal record was writ­ten in the 17th cen­tury which looked some­thing like a “Y,” but by time this copy was made, it was writ­ten as “ye.” Writ­ing “the” instead of “ye” would have been the bet­ter trans­la­tion, but of course the copy­ist was copy­ing not translating.

One rea­son this record is inter­est­ing to me, is that it seems to be miss­ing at least one known child of Joseph and Sarah Barnard — and the orig­i­nal page would have been writ­ten by Joseph him­self. He was town clerk up to the day he was fatally wounded in ambush.

Han­nah is miss­ing from the list, who is buried at Deer­field. As is Thank­ful, how­ever, the note to the right of Abigail’s name looks like it might be refer­ring to Thank­ful. Ebenezer was born six months after his father’s death. I could be in error about Han­nah, or, the town record could be incomplete.

Note that Thomas was born in 1683/2. That’s show­ing the con­ver­sion to Gre­go­rian cal­en­dar notation.

Widow Sarah Barnard Detail

Widow Sarah Barnard Detail

Widow Sarah Barnard Detail

Here is the entry for Capt. Jonathan Wells and Widow Sarah Barnard, adjusted a bit to make their names more vis­i­ble. I took a sec­ond image with dif­fer­ent expo­sure, which makes the right col­umn read­able. Between the two, I have names of the happy cou­ples (all of them very dead by now) on the left, and the min­is­ters and dates of mar­riage on the right.

Sarah Barnard Wells (1656–1733/34), nee Sarah Strong, is my 8th great grand­mother. She is the daugh­ter of Elder John Strong and Abi­gail Ford. Click on the image to see full size.

Widow Sarah Barnard

Widow Sarah Barnard

Mar­riage record for Widow Sarah Barnard

3 years after her hus­band was fatally wounded in ambush, the widow Sarah Barnard remar­ried on 23 Sep­tem­ber 1698, thus sav­ing her own life 5 years later.

She mar­ried Cap­tain Jonathan Wells, wid­ower, who was cap­tain of the town mili­tia. They lived in a for­ti­fied house, and there­fore sur­vived the Deer­field Mas­sacre of 1704. Both widow and wid­ower brought chil­dren into the mar­riage. 20 years later, in 1718, Sarah’s daugh­ter Rebecca mar­ried Jonathan’s son Jonathan Wells Jr.

Their mar­riage record is half way down the page — it’s hard to read, but names “Capt. Jonathan Wells” and “Widow Sarah Barnard.” Click on the image to see the full size.

Dick Clark and the Seven Sons

From this house went forth seven sons to fight in the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion.” This sign remained on the wall of the Fran­cis and Lucre­tia Barnard house, one of the old­est homes in Bloom­field, Con­necti­cut. Dick Clark is one of Fran­cis and Lucre­tia Barnard’s descen­dants. When I learned that from my cousin last night, I took a look at Dick Clark’s geneal­ogy, and dis­cov­ered he too descends from my Fran­cis and Lucre­tia Barnard!

I knew about the Seven Sons, so searched around the Web for pho­tos of the house. I found a new cousin, Amy Po (Amy Pol­lien) who grew up very close to the Barnard house. First, let’s remind you who Dick Clark is, then we’ll share some of Amy’s mem­o­ries, and close out with Mark Twain.

Accord­ing to WikiPedia:

Richard WagstaffDickClark (Novem­ber 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012) was an Amer­i­can radio and tele­vi­sion per­son­al­ity, best known for host­ing television’s longest-running vari­ety show, Amer­i­can Band­stand, from 1957 to 1987. He also hosted the game show Pyra­mid and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, which trans­mit­ted Times Square’s New Year’s Eve cel­e­bra­tions worldwide.

179px Dick Clark American Bandstand 1961

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I down­loaded Mars Edit. It allows me to com­pose web site posts directly on my Mac­in­tosh lap­top. I’m hop­ing this will sim­plify things for me. So far, it looks good! I’ll try adding a photo and see how this goes!

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This is from the Deer­field Vital Records, show­ing chil­dren born to Joseph Barnard and Sarah (Strong) Barnard. Son Joseph was born 1679 and died. The sec­ond Joseph (my ances­tor) was born the 20th day of June 1681.