Francis Barnard Jr. House

The fol­low­ing mate­r­ial is from Fran­cis Barnard (ca. 1616–1698) and his Descen­dants, A Genealog­i­cal Study, Part A, by Walther M. Barnard, Ver­sion of 09 August 2009, pages 558–559. Used with permission.

Francis Barnard Jr. House

Fran­cis Barnard Jr. House

Fran­cis Barnard Jr. (1741–1828), a vet­eran of the Rev­o­lu­tion­ary War, is the great-grandson of Joseph Barnard and Sarah Strong.

Fran­cis Barnard Jr.’s house, 68 Adams Road, Bloom­field, was built ca. 1770, and, as of 1998, appears to be in good con­di­tion and occupied.

Fran­cis Barnard…was born within the present lim­its of Bloom­field, Conn., here passed his life in farm­ing, and died about 1830. He was thrice mar­ried, (first) to Eliz­a­beth Phelps, (sec­ond) to Chloe Mills, and (third) to Diodema Brown…”—Com­mem­o­ra­tive Bio­graph­i­cal Record of Hart­ford County, Con­necti­cut, p. 1308.

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