Visit the Strong Cottage in Chardstock

On your next trip to Eng­land, you might want to visit the Strong Cot­tage in Chardstock!
Strong Cottage in Chardstock
Jarvis Strong trip 2001
Every year there seems to be one to three peo­ple, groups, or fam­i­lies that are vis­it­ing Eng­land and would like to visit the Chard­stock Strong Cot­tage. This cot­tage was built in the late 1500s, likely for Strongs who later moved to Chard (about 4 miles away).
The Strong Cot­tage was built by the Chard­stock Manor Estates. The cur­rent Lord of the Manor is Jonathan Mil­ford who lives in Manor Home in Chard­stock. The Strong Cot­tage was reha­bil­i­tated some years ago (around 1993). Jarvis Strong’s project to help the rehab pro­vided $10,000, which was a bit less than 10% of the total. It did indi­cate Amer­i­can inter­est in the project, though, and pro­vided the impe­tus for the own­ers to com­plete the cot­tage rehab. The cot­tage is presently rented by Joe Har­ri­son as his home.
SFAA mem­bers are invited to visit but it is impor­tant to make advance arrange­ments with Joe Har­ri­son for the visit as that is his home! Joe Har­ri­son can be reached at:
Joe Har­ri­son
Strong Cot­tage
Chardstock/Axminster, Devon EX13-7BY
Phone: 01460 221177 (call­ing in Eng­land)
Phone: 01144 1460 221177 (call­ing from USA)
How to get to Chardstock:

  • By car fm Heathrow Air­port: By the Stone­henge Park to Taunton. Fm Taunton take route 358 thru Chard — 3 miles to Tyther­leigh — turn rt for about 1 mile to Chardstock.
  • By train — by bus fm Heathrow to the south to Water­loo for the LSWR Rail­road to Axmin­ster.  There is a bus that runs to Chard­stock but, being only about 4 miles to Chard­stock, take a taxi.

Where to stay in or very near to Chardstock:

  • In Chard­stock: Only the George Inn is still open.  They have four rooms in a build­ing behind the Inn.  They are fairly OK but a bit small.   Tp: 01460 220241 (In Eng­land) — 011441460 220241 fm USA.
  • About one mile east of Chard­stock on the cor­ner where you turn off Rt 358 to go to Chard­stock is THE TYTHERLEIGH ARMS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT.   Tp: 01460 220214 (Eng­land)- 01144 1460 220214 (fm USA) — I have never been in the Tyther­leigh Arms Hotel but you can check it out bet­ter on the com­puter which has sev­eral pages on this Hotel.
  • There are many more Hotels in Chard & Axmin­ster which are only about 4 miles fm Chard­stock — in case you want to stay in larger towns.

Chard­stock has a new vil­lage his­tory web­site:

Need more info: Call Jarvis Strong @ 703–356-6169 or e-mail me at
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  3. We vis­ited the Strong Fam­ily Cot­tage on Easter Sun­day April 2012. Joe Har­ri­son was so gra­cious in let­ting us in and show­ing us around.

    It was won­der­ful and such a great adven­ture get­ting there!!

    We want to share some of our photos.

    The Strongs

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