Father Ron Lawson

This arti­cle is from an SFAA mem­ber, and will be in an upcom­ing book.

A 7th gen­er­a­tion Ver­mont Yan­kee, born in Mont­pe­lier VT to a Methodist fam­ily, Father Ron Law­son has led a fas­ci­nat­ing life…. And con­tin­ues to do so.

Grad­u­at­ing with the class of 1956 from Mid­dle­bury Col­lege, tak­ing his degree in Russ­ian, he had a two-year com­mit­ment to US Army Intel­li­gence in the field of coun­teres­pi­onage. He stayed with the Army for another two years attain­ing the rank of 1st Lieu­tenant. Assigned to West Berlin after com­plet­ing a spe­cial dual lan­guage course (Ger­man and Pol­ish) taught in the Hawkins Bar­racks in Ober­am­mer­gau, Bavaria, he con­tin­ued as a “spy catcher”.
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Would Like to Return Photograph to Family

From the STRONG mail­ing list on Rootsweb:

From: “Shel­ley Cardiel” <cardiels@comcast.net>
To: <STRONG@rootsweb.com>
Sent: Thurs­day, Novem­ber 12, 2009 10:01 AM
Sub­ject: [STRONG] STRONG Fam­ily Photograph

I’ve “res­cued” an old pho­to­graph of Caro Reynolds STRONG dated 1895.  The
pho­to­graph does not include a stu­dio loca­tion or pho­tog­ra­phers
iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, how­ever, some­one has writ­ten the word “Cot­trell” along with
the name and date on the back of the pho­to­graph.  Based on lim­ited research
I was able to locate the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion regard­ing Caro and her fam­ily
as follows:

Caro Reynolds STRONG b. 3 May 1875 in Pittston, PA to par­ents Theodore
STRONG (b. 25 Jan 1820 in Somers, CT) and Eliz­a­beth Deb­o­rah WILSON (b. 20
Jul 1838 in Pine Planes, NY).  Theodore was mar­ried twice and Eliz­a­beth was
his sec­ond wife with whom he had three daugh­ters, Helen Eliza; Caro
Reynolds; and Grace STRONG all born in Pittston, PA between 1874 and 1875.
Caro was a twin with sis­ter Grace STRONG.  Caro died 20 Aug 1967 in West
Pittston, PA.

I am hop­ing to locate some­one from the fam­ily so that this won­der­ful old
pho­to­graph can be returned to their care, if you are a mem­ber of this
fam­ily, or you know some­one who might be, please con­tact me.


Orville Nathan Strong

Orville Nathan Strong (1857–1936)

Orville Nathan Strong (1857-1936)Orville Nathan Strong was the grand­fa­ther of J. E. Gilbert, our SFAA President.

Born 23 Jan­u­ary 1857 in Rod­man, Jef­fer­son Co., NY.
Died 8 Decem­ber 1936 in Jasper, Walker Co., AL.

Visit the Strong Cottage in Chardstock

On your next trip to Eng­land, you might want to visit the Strong Cot­tage in Chardstock!
Strong Cottage in Chardstock
Jarvis Strong trip 2001
Every year there seems to be one to three peo­ple, groups, or fam­i­lies that are vis­it­ing Eng­land and would like to visit the Chard­stock Strong Cot­tage. This cot­tage was built in the late 1500s, likely for Strongs who later moved to Chard (about 4 miles away).

Looking for Edward Henry Strong (ca. 1852–1912)

If you can help with this inquiry, please Com­ment on this post, or Con­tact the Web­mas­ter. Thank you!

Good After­noon,

My name is Karen Strong Rai­ley and I am look­ing for infor­ma­tion con­cern­ing my gr grand­fa­ther who was known as Edward Henry Strong. I haven’t been able to find any­thing con­cern­ing him before I find him in IA when he mar­ried Susan Beedle/Beadle. I do not know if he was mar­ried before he went to IA or if he had chil­dren before this.I don’t have parent’s or sibling’s names. That infor­ma­tion was never passed down.

Edward’s fam­ily before his mar­riage to Susan has been a brick wall for my cousins and I. We are hop­ing if we put out info and ques­tions to as many Strong’s as we can we’ll even­tu­ally come across some­one who knows about him or rec­og­nizes some cir­cum­stances that hap­pened in their branch of Strong’s that may be sim­i­lar to some of our fam­ily sto­ries or that some of Edward’s children’s names will be the same as some of Edward’s ances­tors or sib­lings in someone’s Strong fam­ily and we’ll be able to fig­ure this out that way.

Below is pretty much what I know about Edward.
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