WordPress Scheduled Posts Not Appearing

Well. I wrote the entire Shar­ing our Knowl­edge series, and sched­uled the arti­cles to come out once per day. Two days passed, and noth­ing appeared! A bit of look­ing around with Google shows that many other Web­mas­ters have hit the same prob­lem. The “sched­ule a post” fea­ture is bro­ken in the lat­est ver­sions of Word­Press. (Word­Press is the soft­ware run­ning this Web site.)

I’ve wasted the past hour going through var­i­ous peo­ples’ attempts to solve the prob­lem. No luck! For­tu­nately, some­one has solved it, and pro­vided a Word­Press Plu­gin to fix it. And… it looks like it’s fixed! Kudos to 5ubliminal and the Sched­uled M.I.A.s Plu­gin!

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