The Question

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge
Part 18: The Question

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge is a series of arti­cles about the His­to­rian Archives Project and how you can become involved.

Stronghold Castle Turret Stairs, 2009 Reunion Tour

Strong­hold Cas­tle Tur­ret Stairs, 2009 Reunion Tour

We began Part 1 by pos­ing the ques­tion, “Why would I want to join?” We answered, “Let’s do some geneal­ogy, in a way that will be inter­est­ing to our membership.”

We con­tin­ued by pos­ing the ques­tion, “How do we get this project off the ground?” We answered, “Cre­ate an inter­est­ing online pres­ence, and focus on early results that we can show off.”

In answer­ing those two ques­tions, we have accom­plished some amaz­ing results! But more impor­tantly, we have com­pletely pre­pared our­selves to take on a Future Strong Updates pro­gram. We have the means, we have the mate­r­ial, we have the train­ing, and we have the processes.

We have made our wealth of knowl­edge avail­able through the Newslet­ter and online. We have become more inter­ac­tive than ever before, in a man­ner par­tic­u­larly appeal­ing to the younger gen­er­a­tion. We have pub­lished our works already in progress on CD and as instant download.

At this point, if we as an Asso­ci­a­tion decide to take on a Future Strong Updates project, we’ll know exactly how to do so.

Please share your ideas!

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