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Shar­ing our Knowl­edge
Part 7: Pub­lish­ing Options

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge is a series of arti­cles about the His­to­rian Archives Project and how you can become involved.

If our “Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion” vol­umes are care­ful to only include infor­ma­tion not already printed in our 7 bound vol­umes, we can use these books on CD to stim­u­late our printed book sales. When some­one buys a Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion vol­ume and stud­ies the infor­ma­tion, they are likely to real­ize that they’d like one or more of the bound vol­umes – and we’ll make sure they know where to pur­chase that bound vol­ume! Mean­while, the “Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion” books on CD become a new source of income.

Computer File Security

Com­puter File Security

If our “Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion” books on CD are sep­a­rated along the same lines as the 5 Strong Updates vol­umes, we can cre­ate a “value added” pack­age to stim­u­late book sales. When you buy the book, we also include the CD with the Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion updates for that book.

Since a “Pre­lim­i­nary Infor­ma­tion” CD is sim­ply one or more PDF or media files, we can also make them avail­able for sale online as an “instant down­load.” This option will par­tic­u­larly appeal to the younger gen­er­a­tion, and saves the expense of cre­at­ing and mail­ing a CD.

In short, as soon as we have good coher­ent well-organized dig­i­tal con­tent to pub­lish, we have quite a range of options. We cre­ate a new source of rev­enue, and we stim­u­late our hard­cover book sales to boot.

The dig­i­tal con­tent already exists. What we need are patient, knowl­edge­able, metic­u­lous editors/compilers who can assem­ble what we have into usable form. The nice part is the nearly-instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion fol­low­ing a job well done. As soon as a par­tic­u­lar Pre­lim­i­nary Update vol­ume is ready, we can pub­lish it. We don’t need to wait months or years for the pub­lisher, or for the other vol­umes to be ready. We only need to put it through our own qual­ity con­trol and approval process, and announce its availability.

Please share your ideas!

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