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  1. To every­one,
    I am glad to find your asso­ci­a­tion web­site and where I can leave a reply. I have been trac­ing my fam­ily since 1969 as I started on my 21st Birth­day in Oct. of that year. My name line is that of Capt. John Gal­lop which I descend from sev­eral times and have their his­tory back to 220 AD. My strong line is from my descent from John Quincy Adams my 6th and 7th gt. grand­fa­ther and John and Abi­gail to be 7th and triple 8th gt. The Nor­ton fam­ily is where I go back to Elder John Strong and Eliz­a­beth Ford. The Nor­ton line went into the Quincy line. I had a con­veloted tree from Nabby Adams, Thos Boyl­ston Adams and two of John Quincy’s sons being George and John II. My Gal­lop via Oliver and Elisha went to Cur­rituck County NC where they have been since 1800s so they got here in time to become South­ern Gen­tle­men before what we in the South refer to as THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGRESSION IE MR. LINCOLN’S WAR. We hold a for­give­ness cer­e­mony when­ever North­ern Cousins come a callin. But seri­ously come on down and see our NC Outer Banks it is delight­ful. I trea­sure hav­ing a coastal and inland ances­try in con­junc­tion with Jamestowne and Ply­mouth roots as I am Mayflower lines many times over. I also go to the Denisons, Averys, Shat­tocks, Hal­letts, Pren­tice, Wheeler, Lake, Eldridge, Wood lines just to name a few.
    I have just passed 86,000 names I have entered into Ances­try where I am record­ing a chart that is about close to 3 feet wide and over 50 feet long with many of the names writ­ten about the size of names in most tele­phone books. I hold a BA/History/Accounting/Business one course from a Span­ish BA, MBA/Accounting/Global Man­age­ment, AAS/ Computer/ Para­le­gal, and I am on the sec­ond year of my Doc­tor of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion all at the Univ of Phoenix online which I hope to fin­ish dur­ing age 65 then God will­ing off to Law School hope­fully to fin­ish close to if not before age 70. Down South I am direct lines from Pres­i­dents, Thos. Jef­fer­son (both par­ents), James Mon­roe, William Henry Har­ri­son, John Tyler, Zachary Tay­lon, and Andrew John­son with Madi­son, Wash­ing­ton, and Polk as uncles. I look for­ward to hear­ing from you and hope I can later join the fam­ily asso­ci­a­tion. I am also 3rd cousin to Prince Charles and four times a 6th cousin to the late Princess Diana. My gt. grand­fa­ther John Shan­non was a nat­ural son of King Ed. VII and one Emily Mol­lie Boyle nd it is via Emily that I go to kin with Diana. Hoep to hear from you Clyde Gallop

  2. Some sup­posed ille­git­i­mate chil­dren of Edward !
    Sonia Rose­mary Kep­pel
    Jean-Marie Langtry
    Alexan­dra Maud Veneta James
    May­nard Gre­ville
    George Fred­er­ick Myd­del­ton Cornwallis-West
    Stew­art Arthur Forster
    Rose­mary Aimee Dou­glas Ersk­ine Crum
    Ogla, Baroness de Mayer, the daugh­ter of Blanche, Duchess di Carac­ci­ola
    and many more.…..
    The king, never offi­cially recog­nised any ille­git­i­mate off­spring though !!
    Just because you sent the infor­ma­tion to Queen Eliz­a­beth and she didn’t dis­pute it means noth­ing! If she received it at all, prob­a­bly hav­ing seen many such claims, regarded it as too triv­ial with which to be con­cerned. Did you actu­ally expect a reply from her?

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