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Shar­ing our Knowl­edge
Part 14: Offi­cial Strong Geneal­ogy Database

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge is a series of arti­cles about the His­to­rian Archives Project and how you can become involved.

Jedediah Strong Descendants at 2009 Reunion

Jede­diah Strong Descen­dants at 2009 Reunion

Remem­ber that as we embark upon this sug­gested Future Updates program:

  • We have already cre­ated a nearly-world-class online presence;
  • We have a group of trained editors/compilers;
  • We have stim­u­lated renewed inter­est and par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Asso­ci­a­tion; and
  • We have gained vol­umes of new infor­ma­tion from that interest.

What I’d like to sug­gest is that at this point we start over, with a “real” updates pro­gram – but with a twist. We now have a lux­ury that did not exist 15 or 25 years ago. We can take things one man­age­able bite at a time, while retain­ing top genealog­i­cal stan­dards and com­plete qual­ity con­trol. We can take things on a piece at a time as peo­ple become available.

My sug­ges­tion is sim­ple: Begin an Offi­cial Strong Geneal­ogy data­base. It doesn’t really mat­ter if we use Fam­ily Tree Maker, Legacy, or some­thing else, so long as it can be used to record what we want to record, and gen­er­ate book sec­tions for our Future Updates program.

The next arti­cle, Cre­at­ing for the Future, explains this tech­nique in detail.

Please share your ideas!

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  1. I sec­ond this idea for a new genealog­i­cal data­base. I am a descen­dant of Jede­diah Strong through Lydia and her hus­band David Lee (my grand­mother was Mary Lee). I don’t know what genealog­i­cal “proof” con­sists of.


  2. Hello

    I am look­ing for infor­ma­tion re: Samuel B Strong Jr. He is a great grand­fa­ther of mine.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Adelina, there are a cou­ple of samual strong in my lin­eage. Sam jr. mar­ried martha stoughton. i dont know if he was “Samual B. Strong Jr.

  4. The Disk update on the Jede­diah has all of the book plus a lot of new infor­ma­tion that was col­lected since the Book was Printed which is now out of Print. can be ordered throught the Strong Fam­ily of America

  5. I was told to give my user­name and pass­word to get on the data­base. How do I cre­ate one?

    This web­site looks great/much poten­tial. I look for­ward to being able to use it.

    My ggf, William Henry Strong, was born in the Lon­don Eng­land area in 1837. He came to the US and after being in TN and IA briefly lived in NYC. I have lots of brick walls in look­ing for him. I would like to know when he came to Amer­ica and who he came with, to start.

  6. Just ran across your site
    My name is Bob Strong Grand­fa­ther Orin Ray­mond Strong (Bar­ney)
    out of Ohio through Arizona.

    Great grand par­ents Harry and Anna Strong
    any info if any would be interesing

  7. Bob Strong

    If you and go back as far as you can with your fam­ily we maybe able to find them in the Dwight Books then we will be able to find how they con­nect to Elder John Strong,

  8. Hi– my great-grandmother was Alice Ever­ard Strong, a descen­dant of John Strong through his son Thomas. Very inter­ested in help­ing out or learn­ing more.

  9. I am a researcher work­ing on var­i­ous aspects of Wayne Town­ship, Mar­ion County, Indi­ana specif­i­cally for the Wayne Town­ship His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety. Addi­tion­ally a cer­tain Asa B. Strong is related to my fam­ily in this region. I also have con­nec­tion to my mater­nal side into the Town of Albany, Delaware Town­ship, Delaware County, Indi­ana (Strong Ceme­tery) via lin­eage found in Xenia. I would like to hear from any­one who may have con­nect­ing detail for Asa into the Town/City of Xenia in Greene County, Ohio. What I have is pro­vided from the Bib­li­o­graph­i­cal Record writ­ten on Mar­ion County, Indi­ana cited below:

    The Town­ship of Wayne [Mar­ion County, Indi­ana] is the cen­tral one in the west­ern range of town­ships of Mar­ion County. On the north it is bounded by the town­ship of Pike; on the east by Cen­tre; on the south by Decatur Town­ship and on the west by Hen­dricks County.

    Asa B. Strong, who was a highly-respected cit­i­zen and often filled respon­si­ble pub­lic offices dur­ing the period of more than fifty years that he lived after becom­ing a set­tler in Wayne Town­ship, was born in Addi­son County, Ver­mont on Sep­tem­ber 28, 1799. In 1821 he, with an older brother, emi­grated to Ohio, and thence, in the fall of 1822, he moved with his fam­ily in an ox-wagon to Mar­ion County, Ind., arriv­ing at Indi­anapo­lis on the 14th of Novem­ber. The land on which he set­tled in Wayne Town­ship is described in the assessment-roll of 1829 as the south­west quar­ter of sec­tion 27, town­ship 16, range 2. He was four times mar­ried: first, at Oxford, Ohio, in April, 1822, to Frances (Shurtl­eff) Strong, who died Sept. 19, 1836; sec­ond, in April, 1837, to Sarah (Bal­lard) Strong, who died in 1845; third, in Jan­u­ary, 1849, to Mar­garet (Bal­lard) Strong, who died in March, 1852; and fourth, in Jan­u­ary, 1856, to Emily Sanders, who died in Novem­ber, 1867.

    Mr. Strong had eight chil­dren by the first mar­riage, four by the sec­ond, and one by the third, his last mar­riage being child­less. He died Feb. 14, 1873. His sons, Samuel P., John T., and Asa M., are still liv­ing; also sev­eral of his daugh­ters, among the lat­ter being Mrs. Charles Mur­ray, of Indi­anapo­lis. Robert, Richard, and Jacob Helvey were among the ear­li­est of those who came to Wayne town­ship, though it does not appear that they were among the orig­i­nal land-owners, as in the assessment-roll of 1829 they were not so classed, and they then paid only a poll-tax except Jacob, who was assessed on two horses and two oxen. Robert Hard­ing [aka “Helvey”] was known through all-the region near and far as a great fiddler.

    Any guid­ance or con­nec­tions would be greatly appre­ci­ated. Thank you!

  10. Hello,
    Course I started too late to have the oppor­tu­nity to exchange info. with so many of the elders. I am a decen­dent of Nathaniel Strong,Sr. and Jr. Nathaniel Jr. ended up in Man­ches­ter, Arkansas, My great-great grand­fa­ther was Wes­ley Strong. Have some Civil War let­ters between he and his honey, Mol­lie Pryor. Would love any info.
    Thanks, Judy

  11. I’m stuck. There was a Mindwell Strong born about 1794 I think in Con­necti­cut. She is buried in Hills­dale County Michi­gan where she died in 1869. Mindwell was mar­ried to Ben­jamin Mallory.

    The Geneal­ogy Data­base con­tains two women named Mindwell Strong, but nei­ther are this one. Another Mindwell Strong was born in Con­necti­cut about 1789, how­ever she never mar­ried and is buried in Connecticut.

    Any­one know any­thing that might help me?

  12. William Angrer Strong

    Birth 9 Dec 1796 in St Mary, Whitechapel, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land,
    Death 11th Feb 1835 in St Clements Church, Hast­ings Sussex

    hi from new zealand,if any lon­don strongs know of this fam­ily line please get in touch with me they were off 117 long acre and were var­nish mak­ers and his chil­dren were book break­ers, i am look­ing for his ances­tors his father was william and mother named jane,his mid­dle name is rare even for a fam­ily tree per­son his grand­fa­ther strong may have been Leonard Strong, ‚some ended up in aus­tralia and then new zealand
    my tree on ances­try

  13. What a fan­tas­tic day to find this site! I Have been col­lect­ing infor­ma­tion and study­ing my pater­nal geneal­ogy for some odd twenty years. I have checked and rechecked most of what I have to try and rule out mis­in­for­ma­tion and now just seem to have a lot of infor­ma­tion stacked up. I have gleaned from any and all sources. Some sources have totally ver­i­fied what I thought was true and oth­ers, not so much. I still take this as a great hobby and hope one day it will fall into the hands of some­one in my line who cares and will dupli­cate the exact infor­ma­tion I have col­lected for­ward. I have placed myself in the Luther Strong and Abi­gail Woodruff line. From these two peo­ple it goes: George W. and Jane Van­we­gen, Eli Strong and Priscilla Richard­son Strong,Delano Leon Strong and Kather­ine Longfel­low Strong, Stan­ley Leon Strong and Luverne Eloise John­son Strong, to myself, Arlene Ellen Strong Powe.I would like to share this infor­ma­tion to some­one who.likeme just likes “this stuff”. Where would you rec­om­mend that I start? I have con­tributed most of my infor­ma­tion with and that has been a good expe­ri­ence. Most of my rel­a­tives are deceased now so my options to get “from the mouth” facts is nonex­is­tent. I still enjoy the sub­ject of geneal­ogy and will con­tinue to research when I can. My method of get­ting infor­ma­tion is unortho­dox but it seems to pan out in the end! Look­ing for­ward to a response from some­one in your soci­ety, Happy searching!

  14. Elder John Strong is my 10th Great Grand­fa­ther, fol­low­ing the line as fol­lows down to me:

    Elder John Strong
    John Strong Jr
    Josiah Strong Sr
    Josiah Strong Jr
    Ben­jamin Strong Sr
    Ansel Strong
    Reuben Beecher Strong
    Coley Mathew Strong
    Coley Paul Mon­dou Strong
    Coley Louis Strong
    Min­nie Lucille Strong
    Coley Elmer Pider
    Freida LaVon Pider (Shelly Cherry, I was adopted out at 2 1/2 years)

  15. As with many, I am descended from John Strong through his son Jedidiah. The fol­low­ing is a brief and suc­cinct voy­age from him to me. John Strong is my ninth great-grandfather.

    John Strong m. Abi­gail Ford
    Jedidiah Strong m. Free­dom Wood­ward
    Ben­jamin Car­pen­ter m. Han­nah Strong
    Eliphalet Car­pen­ter m. Eliz­a­beth Andrews
    Eliphalet Car­pen­ter m. Esther Gur­ley
    Arte­mus Car­pen­ter m. Anna Slocum
    Arte­mus Car­pen­ter m. Nancy Keller
    Dewitt Car­pen­ter m. Abi­gail Anne Stevens
    Charles Ezra Car­pen­ter m. Rosa Stevens
    Granville J. Clif­ford m. Alice Ver­netta Car­pen­ter
    Fred Carl Stevens m. Bar­bara Ellen Stevens
    Julia Eliz­a­beth Stevens Lowe (me)

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