Allied Families

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge
Part 17: Allied Families

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge is a series of arti­cles about the His­to­rian Archives Project and how you can become involved.

Grinnell Genealogy 1887, Grand Ledge Michigan

Grin­nell Geneal­ogy 1887, Grand Ledge Michigan

To the best of my knowl­edge, we all have two par­ents. Most of us who have stud­ied the Strong side of the fam­ily have also gath­ered infor­ma­tion on other non-Strong parts of the family.

In prin­ci­ple, every­thing I’ve sug­gested that applies to col­lect­ing and dis­sem­i­nat­ing our Strong Fam­ily her­itage, applies to our allied fam­i­lies as well. I see no rea­son why our Dig­i­tal Library couldn’t include pho­tos and doc­u­ments related to other fam­i­lies, so long as they are cor­rectly cat­a­loged. We thus pro­vide a greater ser­vice, and greater inter­est, to our mem­bers at large.

In prin­ci­ple, we can pro­vide books on CD regard­ing these allied fam­i­lies, so long as we don’t lose our orig­i­nal focus. By pro­vid­ing an out­let for shar­ing their own her­itage, we do a ser­vice to spe­cific mem­bers, while gain­ing addi­tional inter­est and widen­ing our own scope of influ­ence. At that point we have an estab­lished process, and can pro­vide advice and expe­ri­ence. It’s a pos­si­bil­ity… but a long way down the road!

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