Official Strong Genealogy Database

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge
Part 14: Offi­cial Strong Geneal­ogy Database

Shar­ing our Knowl­edge is a series of arti­cles about the His­to­rian Archives Project and how you can become involved.

Jedediah Strong Descendants at 2009 Reunion

Jede­diah Strong Descen­dants at 2009 Reunion

Remem­ber that as we embark upon this sug­gested Future Updates program:

  • We have already cre­ated a nearly-world-class online presence;
  • We have a group of trained editors/compilers;
  • We have stim­u­lated renewed inter­est and par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Asso­ci­a­tion; and
  • We have gained vol­umes of new infor­ma­tion from that interest.

What I’d like to sug­gest is that at this point we start over, with a “real” updates pro­gram – but with a twist. We now have a lux­ury that did not exist 15 or 25 years ago. We can take things one man­age­able bite at a time, while retain­ing top genealog­i­cal stan­dards and com­plete qual­ity con­trol. We can take things on a piece at a time as peo­ple become available.

My sug­ges­tion is sim­ple: Begin an Offi­cial Strong Geneal­ogy data­base. It doesn’t really mat­ter if we use Fam­ily Tree Maker, Legacy, or some­thing else, so long as it can be used to record what we want to record, and gen­er­ate book sec­tions for our Future Updates program.

The next arti­cle, Cre­at­ing for the Future, explains this tech­nique in detail.

Please share your ideas!