Warham quote provided by Mary Macksey

Tues­day, Decem­ber 19, 2006

Warham quote pro­vided by Mary Macksey

Con­cern­ing Rev­erend John Warham, I had this quote you might find interesting.
From the book Jonathan Edwards, a New Biog­ra­phy by Iain H. Murray,
The Ban­ner of Truth Trust;1987 gives, “Warham had been min­is­ter of one of Connecticut’s old­est churches, the exten­sive parish of Wind­sor, which lay on both sides of the Con­necti­cut river and adjoin­ing Hart­ford to the south. Of this first min­is­ter of Wind­sor, Cot­ton Mather writes, ‘Though our Warham were as pious a man as most that were out of heaven, yet Satan often threw him into those deadly pangs of melan­choly, that made him despair of ever get­ting thither.’”
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