New Name

Wednes­day, April 12, 2006

New name

Dear Strong Fam­ily, We are announc­ing our new web-site name.  We are now offi­cially .  This is an excit­ing change for us.  We really wanted to have Strong Fam­ily in our name.  This will keep us from hav­ing to spell out each time, also.

Another change has been the abil­ity to edit the orig­i­nal site and link it up with this one.  You will find a link to the orig­i­nal site on the home page.  I appre­ci­ate Martha Strong’s help in mak­ing the nec­es­sary changes to the orig­i­nal site to make this pos­si­ble.  We are deeply indebted to all those who cre­ated that valu­able his­tory and desparately wanted to include that infor­ma­tion for The Family.

We have also added the option of pay­ing for your mem­ber­ships, the mem­o­ra­bilia items and the Reunion charges on-line.  We hope this will help speed up trans­ac­tions and make your pur­chases easier.

Thanks so much for your com­ments and putting up with us through another tran­si­tion.  We love to hear from you.

Anita J. Brown, Cor­re­spond­ing Secretary
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  1. This is my first encounter with STRONG web­site. I am so impressed ! I have recently begun my jour­ney into the past sev­eral years ago. I had infor­ma­tion from
    my father’s sis­ter who gave it to me. I have now delved fur­ther and can­not believe that I indeed belong to such a
    fan­tas­tic “fam­ily”. I am daugh­ter of Mil­ton Henry Strong b. 1915 d.1976. My grand­fa­ther was Henry Mil­ton Strong; my g-grandfather was Joseph Weller Strong b.
    b. 1843, Weston, Ct.; my g-g-grandfather was Her­man Lewis Strong 1817–1871. I traced backed to Elder John Strong’s descen­dants. It is excit­ing to have this pride about my her­itage. I will cer­tainly visit site reg­u­larly. Thanks you.

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