More About Our Heritage

Tues­day, July 11, 2006

More about our heritage

While enter­ing some back­ground geneal­ogy for an update that one of our fam­i­lies sent in I found the fol­low­ing state­ment:  “Sarah Chap­man was  remark­able for her indus­try, cheer­ful­ness and glad­ness of heart in the Lord, abound­ing in good words and deeds, call­ing duty a plea­sure and work pas­time, and scat­ter­ing sun­shine every­where all along her path­way in life.  The mem­ory of the life and love of such a mother is the best of all heirlooms.”
Paul Strong mar­ried this woman in April 1800.  They were the par­ents of eleven chil­dren (includ­ing one set of twins).  Their sec­ond child died at the age of two and yet she was known for this cheer­ful spirit.
What a won­der­ful her­itage we can enjoy, and such indi­vid­ual spirit gives a mighty foun­da­tion for our very lives.

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