Mailing to Strong Relatives

Tues­day, May 23, 2006

Mail­ing to Strong Rel­a­tives

Momma (June Brown) and I are putting the fin­ish­ing touches on the mail­ing that is going out to the local Strong fam­i­lies and their descen­dants to pro­mote the upcom­ing Strong Reunion in Auburn, Indi­ana.  We are get­ting excited as the date draws nearer and nearer.

How­ever, when Daddy announced yes­ter­day that the date within a cou­ple of months, I admit my palms started to sweat.  I tried to quell the pan­icky feel­ings that rose to the sur­face when I pon­dered the numer­ous fine details that are still dan­gling.  Oh, well, what’s the worst that can hap­pen?  Maybe they won’t let us be host­esses for another one!  We’re doing our best to make it a won­der­ful occasion!
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  1. This reunion was won­der­ful and still would love to see you again. It was ter­rific and I had no hint of jit­ters only incred­i­ble hos­pi­tal­ity. Thank you for all you did and God be with you and yours, Car­olyn Decker [Ebenezer]

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