I enjoyed your website, I’m a 10th generation descendant to John Strong

Fri­day, May 26, 2006

I enjoyed your web­site, I’m a 10th gen­er­a­tion descen­dant to John Strong

I descend from Samuel Strong and Esther Clapp

Through Nathaniel Edwards and Mary Strong

Through Ebenezer Edwards and Lucy Warner

Through Dr. Samuel Porter and Lucy Edwards

Through Samuel Rhoades and Lucy Porter

Through Dr. Fordyce Sylvester Rhoades and Mar­garet Nutting

Through William Porter Rhoades and Lucy Adella Hays

Through Fordyce Warner Rhoades and Birdie Meta Winchell

Through Rex Vance Rhoades and Doris Louise Bellows

me, Jonathan Rex Rhoades
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  1. Greet­ings, I’m Sharon Strong Edwards. My uncle (father’s brother) was named John Strong Edwards. I believe I have descended from the much ear­lier John Strong Edwards and would like to find a Strong fam­ily geneal­ogy. Do you know where I might find one online?

  2. Sharon,
    I have the com­plete Geneaol­ogy of the elder strong. Get my email address from Steph and I will get that to you!

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