Happy May Day!

Mon­day, May 1, 2006

Happy May Day!

Our Pres­i­dent, Mar­lene Lang­behn has started their trek north from Texas.  If you need cor­re­spond with her, please use the Min­nesota address.

We have tree blos­soms every­where.  It’s a lit­tle cool, but it is a typ­i­cal Spring day in north­east­ern Indi­ana.  When the wind sends the blos­soms swirling, how­ever, it looks like a ver­i­ta­ble blizzard.

I received an e-mail from Susan Strong.  Her hus­band, Howard is suf­fer­ing with can­cer.  A note to that fam­ily would be appre­ci­ated.  He was diag­nosed with can­cer a few months ago and has been tak­ing treat­ments as his sys­tem will allow.  It is a rough road.

Haven’t heard from Jim Gilbert in a month.  I imag­ine they are all very tired with the demands of emo­tions and energy tak­ing their toll.  When I called the hos­pi­tal last week, Gay was still listed in Inten­sive Care after her trans­plant.  We are still keep­ing that fam­ily in our prayers and will up-date the Fam­ily Blog as soon as I hear anything.
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